Gold-Winning, Free App for Kids, ABC’s with Bingzy Bee: Phonics, Hits the Famigo APProved List

Oakland, California (EastBayDaily) — Famigo knows parents are ridiculously busy, increasingly mobile, and generally just want things to work. and Famigo Sandbox were developed to make the lives of parents easy, yet still fun.

Famigo has a star rating system, which is different than the ones found in the app markets. Their five stars are assigned based on how well an app is designed for families.

Their trained team of app reviewers fills out a lengthy questionnaire for each app that will algorithmically determine its star rating. This questionnaire addresses: ease of use, educational value, level of entertainment, family-friendliness and appropriateness for all ages. The review process was developed from extensive research and feedback from parents.

You’ll only find apps rated 3 stars or higher on ABC's with Bingzy Bee: Phonics received 4 out of 5 stars.

ABC’s with Bingzy Bee: Phonics Features:

1st animated app for the iPhone/iPod/iPad, that teaches the letters and sounds of the alphabet in a catchy, original song called Bingzy's ABC Song.

Developed by an award-winning teacher and used in the classroom for decades with proven success.

The sounds are pronounced by a professionally trained teacher in phonetics.

The app is perfect for PreK and Kindergarten and includes games for kids.

A gold-winning app from the Mom's Choice Awards.

Arlene Richards, the creator of Bingzy’s ABC Song and co-founder of Bing Note, spent over 40 years teaching children, both in the classroom and one-on-one. Bingzy’s ABC Song was a success, because the students enjoyed the song so much, that they were singing the letters and sounds of the alphabet in no time, with very little effort. The song became a turning point for many children, and was used as the beginning step to reading.


Lisa Love
Bing Note