GottaGoGolf Interprets Golf Health and Fitness Research to Benefit Women Golfers

Oakland, California (EastBayDaily) — When GottaGoGolf, the online women’s golf magazine and website, looked at the research on golf health and fitness, it found plenty that spoke to men. Its March issue, online today behind the cover at, endeavors to merge golf industry studies on men with what is known about women’s health and fitness to dispense a strong dose of advice tailored to its readers.

“One good example where men and women may diverge when it comes to the golf swing is flexibility,” said Publisher and Editorial Director Susan Fornoff. “Men are urged to work on improving their flexibility, but what women really seem to need is more strength, more stability and better balance. That’s why the five yoga poses Katherine Roberts recommends for our readers aren’t about performing contortions but are about creating a strong, stable base and about building balance.

“Another area where women golfers might not want to follow the same advice as their male companions is nutrition,” Fornoff said. “Carbs, protein and fat seem to be the way for most men to optimize their games; women don’t need as many calories, and need more calcium, and so the five ‘snacks to pack’ recommended by 19th Hole Editor Cheryl Stotler for women golfers reflect that.”

The 52-page March issue of the free online magazine also features articles on clothes that move with the golf swing, an activity-filled getaway to The Ritz Carlton at Dove Mountain (site of the just-completed Match Play Championships), and golf with the woman who would like to be the PGA’s first female president.

Themes for upcoming issues include a 2011 Pro Tour Preview, a travel focus in May, and, in June, rules, etiquette and manners.

About GottaGoGolf: Susan Fornoff, former sportswriter, newspaper editor and author of “Lady in the Locker Room,” launched the media company in 2010 with assists from other former newspaper journalists and freelancers to fill the void left by the demise of Golf For Women magazine in 2008. GottaGoGolf Magazine, with the tagline “for women who love the game,” operates on the premise that women play golf for fun and exercise and so it focuses on issues and trends rather than tips and lessons. It premiered Oct. 1, 2010, and now publishes digitally every month from February through November within the website The site also houses back issues and resources for advertisers. For more information on GottaGoGolf or its Women Welcome golf course evaluation program, email Publisher and Editorial Director Susan Fornoff at editor(at)gottagogolf(dot)com.


Susan Fornoff