GradeCam Online Uses a Document Camera to Grade Paper-based Quizzes and Tests

Livermore, California (EastBayDaily) — Providing teachers with an in-the-classroom way to conduct frequent assessments enables schools and districts to ensure mastery of key skills long before standardized tests are taken. The new online version of GradeCam, which is being introduced today at the Florida Educational Technology Conference in Orlando, gives districts an easy-to-use, affordable tool for teachers to conduct daily, weekly and monthly assessments and to collect usable information in time to affect the learning in progress.

When a paper-based test is scanned by a document or web camera, GradeCam Online compresses the image and sends it to a server for analysis by its proprietary advanced image recognition code. Item-by-item results are displayed immediately and stored for generating real-time reports, and any reports needed in the future. GradeCam Online also integrates with all electronic grade books.

“As with any application that is web-based, the district-wide implementation of GradeCam Online is so much easier because there is no software to install and upgrades happen automatically,” explained Tami Porter, co-founder of GradeCam. “With an automated assessment process, teachers can collect information every day about each of their students’ learning needs. With the new online version, continual monitoring of student progress toward skill mastery, which is a proven strategy for academic success, is much easier for classroom teachers to implement.”

GradeCam, when paired with an affordable web or document camera, allows classroom teachers to scan and grade multiple-choice tests and other assignments instantly, helping to ease a time-consuming administrative burden. Regular assessments provide a framework for understanding each student’s challenges and successes; the assessment data provided by GradeCam allows a teacher to tailor instruction to meet each student’s learning needs.

GradeCam Online, the web-based version, also is designed to allow textbook publishers and content developers to integrate its technology into their offerings. For example, executives at Illuminate Education will be including GradeCam Online capability with their product offerings.

About GradeCam Corporation GradeCam is dedicated to easing teachers’ excessive work load and improving instruction through timely feedback. GradeCam’s proprietary software (patents pending) provides educators with an affordable, easy-to-use program that integrates with all electronic grade books. The company is headquartered in Livermore, Calif. For more information, visit FETC booth #862 or, or phone (866) 472-3339.