Grateful Summer Meals: Viva Editions Releases Audiobooks for Summertime Eats

Berkeley, California (EastBayDaily) — Summer's longer days and warmer nights mean more outside meals with loved ones. Viva Editions has released audiobooks to help gardeners everywhere go from seed to table and ways to harvest gratitude.

BBC star and Royal Horticultural Society trained Alys Fowler shows that there is a way to refashion the good life to fit in with city life in The Edible Garden. Abandoning the limitations of traditional gardening methods, she has created a beautifully productive garden where tomatoes sit happily next to roses, carrots are woven between the lavenders, and potatoes grow in pots on the patio. All of this is produced in a way that mimics natural systems, growing delicious food for her table. The Edible Garden also contains her favorite recipes for hearty dishes, pickles, and jams she makes from her bountiful harvest, proving that no one need go hungry on her grow-your-own regime. The Edible Garden is not only good for the pocket and environment, but hugely rewarding for the soul.

Gratitude is a key ingredient every meal should have, no matter the time of year. Brenda Knight, gratitude practitioner, publisher, and editor, has compiled a collection of graces, blessings and prayers that make any occasion more meaningful in The Grateful Table. Whether you hold hands and pray to the heavens above or wax poetic about the bounty of food, these blessings, from familiar and new faces such as Rumi, Neil Gaiman, Alicia Keyes, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, will turn any group of people into a family, connected by the power of gratitude.

About Viva Editions

Viva Editions are books that inform, enlighten, and entertain. The very name, "Viva!", is celebratory. And while Viva Editions is a line of books that are as fun as they are informational, the intention behind Viva is very serious—these are books that are truly helpful and intended to enhance people's lives.


Brenda Knight


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