Great Finds of the Bay Area Top Designer Offers Tips for Buying Quality Leather Furniture—Part II

Walnut Creek, California (EastBayDaily) — Investing in a good piece of leather furniture that lasts and meets your expectations takes a bit of knowledge. The Bay Area’s Great Finds has experience in educating clients , helping them to select leather furniture that meets their needs and budget perfectly. Their top designer, Chris Reddy, weighs in on how to make sense of it all.

“So many leather choices–which one is best,” asks Reddy. “You are sure to fall in love with one of the hundreds of colors and patterns and textures available, but don’t let that get you sidetracked. Focus on the type of leather, whether it’s full grain or not and whether or not it is ‘finished.’”

The vast majority of leather is dyed and most, but not all, are protected. Ninety percent of leather is “protected” or “finished” with a pigment-based finished coating, meaning moisture will bead up on the surface and be more resistant to fading and staining. If this is a main concern of a client, ask about these properties before making final selections.

“It is important to know if it will perform according to how and where you expect to use the piece of furniture,” added Reddy. “Factors such as direct sunlight, heavy use, perspiration, children, exposure to pets and food are all elements that should be considered.”

Ten percent of leather sold is called “unfinished” or “natural leather.” Natural leathers are considered hard to come by, are of higher quality and require less corrective measures and that’s why it can be more expensive. They also lack protective finishes and are not a good choice for heavy use. “Natural leathers” will develop coloration from wear and use, especially on seats and arms where there is the most frequent friction and contact. Body acids and oils, over time, will create unpleasant looking dark areas, an actual corroding of the leather.

It is inevitable that a spot or spill will occur, but the key to protection is how the issue is taken care of. When a spot or spill occurs, quickly blot in place with a clean, soft, absorbent cloth, but never rub. The ideal cloth to use would be one made out of cotton. The spot or spill could be spread and the problem worsened by affecting the top coating or layers of pigment. Natural leathers will absorb stains and liquids immediately. An oil-based spot may be absorbed into natural leather and become less apparent over time if the oil is a colorless type and the amount of oil very minor.

The well-established and highly regarded company called Advanced Leather Solutions has expertly rescued many soiled, faded and distressed leather pieces and have even successfully treated leather damaged by animal claw marks and urine. This type of damage may require replacing the interior upholstery (Dacron batting, down fill, etc.) or portions of the frame or by replacing the affected leather area with new color-matched leather. Treatment depends on the severity of the damage and how deeply the urine has seeped.

For solid advice on buying and caring for leather furniture a must-read is the “Consumer’s Guide” at Another site that is a great resource is, which lists several lines of leather care and leather repair products and great how-to-videos available for purchase. For personal help, contact Kevin at Advanced Leather Solutions, 510-786-6059.

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