Generates Insights Into Social Sharing Psychology of Its Customers and Wins Big With Social Commerce

Mountain View, California (EastBayDaily) — Premium provider of quality fraternity and sorority merchandise, today announced insights into social commerce experiments on its site using ShopSocially’s social commerce platform. website visitors converted at 8.8% higher rate when they interacted with’s brand on Facebook. Using this information, was able to identify the most impactful social commerce strategy that encouraged maximum social sharing of purchases on its site to generate quality social referral traffic. This resulted in leveraging its shoppers’ passion for their favorite fraternity and sorority to drive word-of-mouth promotion of brand and generate meaningful revenue uplift.

“Continuous success of is due to our ability to accurately understand the ever-evolving customer needs and trends, and act on them. Insights derived from using ShopSocially’s A/B Testing framework are allowing us to devise the best strategy to drive viral spread of our brand on social media,” said Robb Hass, COO, at “ShopSocially is helping us leverage the passion of our customers for their fraternity and sorority merchandise and turn it into real revenue uplift.” is converting website users into genuine Facebook fans using ShopSocially’s Get-a-Fan app. An inline incentive is offered to users immediately for liking on Facebook, ensuring that users never leave the website. By liking the brand on Facebook, users feel they have ‘earned’ the incentive by investing their social capital. This results in acquisition of genuine Facebook fans who convert at a high rate. saw a sales conversion rate of 15.21% for fans acquired through this method. To evaluate the revenue impact of this social commerce strategy for fan acquisition, used ShopSocially’s in-built A/B Testing framework to split traffic show Get-a-Fan app to some users only. It was seen that users who interacted with app converted at 8.8% higher rate than no-shows. This established the precise impact of this social strategy on’s revenues. wanted to find out the best strategy to encourage social sharing of purchases of fraternity and sorority merchandise on its site using ShopSocially’s Share-a-Purchase app. By employing ShopSocially’s A/B Testing framework, tested 3 different strategies – i. share-gating a 20% discount offer, ii. entering shoppers into a sweepstakes program after sharing, and iii. giving discount coupon in advance after purchase and asking to share purchase in return found that strategy (iii) to give the discount in advance led to 19.51% higher sharing than strategy (i) share-gating the incentive, and 30.29% higher sharing than strategy (ii) entering into sweepstakes program. This insight into social sharing psychology of its customers is helping to convert more and more of its shoppers into social brand ambassadors and generate quality social referral traffic.

“Social media is always evolving, and so is its use to drive e-commerce sales. Retailers are in need of newer tools and methods to generate deep insights into social psychology of their customers continuously devise the best strategies for social commerce success,” said Jai Rawat, CEO of ShopSocially. “Advanced feature like A/B Testing framework can be a significant enabler for retailers to achieve this agility. Success of is a testament for this.”

To ensure positive social ROI, retailers need to quantify the exact revenue impact of their social media efforts. Retailers should use advanced features like A/B testing to quantify the social media influence over e-commerce sales and translate it into tangible business impact. ShopSocially platform now has in-built A/B Testing framework and several other advanced features like audience targeting based on social parameters, incentive management, auto-scheduling of campaigns and accurate reporting of dollar-impact of every social action on its platform.

About is Internet’s premier provider of quality fraternity and sorority merchandise. Since the site’s inception in 1999, it has served millions of Greeks with a wide variety of goods ranging from custom-made fraternity hats and shirts to sorority totes and Greek-lettered iPad cases. The company produces and ships hundreds of thousands of items to customers every year. Over the past 15 years, has not only ascended to the position of a top e-retailer of fraternity and sorority paraphernalia, it is also ranked number 277 on the list of the top 500 leaders in all of social commerce.

About ShopSocially: ShopSocially is a SaaS social commerce platform driving millions of dollars in incremental revenue, new customer acquisition, improved SEO rank, growth in Facebook fan base, and word-of-mouth branding for 100s of top brands.ShopSocially platform enables a suite of onsite social apps for ecommerce sites. Examples of these apps include purchase sharing, fan acquisition, shopping community, social SEO, social photo testimonials on mobile and more.

ShopSocially has won several awards and has also been featured by Facebook in a Social Commerce case study. Launched in Oct 2010, ShopSocially is a privately held company in Mountain View, CA. For contact information, please visit:


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