Green Flash Recycling Signs New Exclusive Technology Agreement – Several Million Tons Of US Waste Headed For Landfill Can Now Be Recycled

Richmond, California (EastBayDaily) — Flexoresearch Laminated Paper Recycling Technology – VIRGO lights the fuse in the States with a Green Flash

Hong Kong based Green Technology innovator, Virgo Environmental Technologies Ltd, is pleased to announce that it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Green Flash Recycling LLC of San Francisco to bring Flexoresearch laminated paper recycling technology to the North American Market.

Mr. Scott Foley of Green Flash Recycling commented, “After a two year search for a sustainable solution to the global problems associated with recycling laminated paper, we were very excited to learn about the amazing technology developed by Mr. Paijit Sangchai and the Flexoresearch Group. We were happy to visit Mr. Sangchai’s plant in Thailand to see the technology in action, and we quickly moved to conclude a deal to secure the technology for our home market. We view this new technology as a true game changer for the US recycling industry and we are very excited about the future of our new partnership with Virgo.”

Laminated paper in its many forms has always been a troublesome material, and has been largely considered impossible to recycle, thereby condemning it to landfills around the world. Developed by Mr. Paijit Sangchai, CEO and Founder of the Flexoresearch Group, this new technology facilitates the environmentally friendly recycling of laminated paper and all its components. Based in Thailand, the Flexoresearch Group has already received a great deal of attention and many accolades from the international community, including their recent recognition as the 2011 Technology Pioneer of the Year in the CleanTech category of the World Economic Forum.

“We were happy to receive the delegation from Green Flash Recycling in Bangkok last week to view Mr. Sangchai’s laminated paper recycling facility first hand, which suitably impressed I hope. We were very impressed with Scott and Abdi’s in depth knowledge of both the problem which laminated paper causes in the recycling stream and also the mechanics of the collection of the material in the United States market. We are sure that this partnership will prove successful” said Mr. Thomas Petermoeller of Virgo.

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