Green Valley Christmas Trees Noble Fir Christmas Trees Start Shipping December 1st

Mountain View, California (EastBayDaily) — To meet early customer demand for Christmas trees,, the premier mail-order Christmas tree company, will start shipping their Noble Firs on 12/1/09.

Christmas seemed to start earlier this year as retailers offered Christmas deals in early November, and this sense of urgency has customers eager to put up their Christmas trees. To avoid the hassle of dealing with holiday traffic and stress when trying to find a real Christmas tree, and to receive a tree immediately, consumers are turning to companies like Green Valley Christmas Trees to deliver fresh, live Christmas trees to their doorstep.

“Customers love the option to choose their shipping date, and have been asking when the trees are ready to ship,” says Karen Wade, Harvest Manager for Green Valley Christmas Trees. She says that the first week of December is an excellent time to get a live Christmas tree, especially the Noble Firs, which, according to the National Christmas Tree Association, are grown in the Pacific Northwest and have superior longevity to other Christmas trees.

The NCTA also states that the amount of Noble Fir Christmas trees for sale has risen over the years to comprise 25-30% of the fresh Christmas tree market. The tree’s popularity is due to its longevity, needle retention, fresh holiday scent, and very strong branches that are layered to support and showcase a variety of ornaments and lights. Freshness and longevity are ensured by Green Valley Christmas Trees, as it is the company’s policy to hand-select, inspect, harvest, and ship the tree (in a moisture-resistant carton) on the same day.

Consumers also appreciate that Green Valley Christmas Trees does something that no other live tree delivery company does – the Company offer two varieties of the Noble Fir. Green Valley Christmas Trees labels these varieties as “full” and “layered”. The “layered” Noble Fir is the more “traditional” Noble tree, with more space between the branches and, consequently, a more visible trunk. The “full” Noble Fir has a denser look for customers who want a bushier Noble Fir Christmas tree.

Another distinguishing characteristic of Green Valley Christmas Trees is the large and detailed photo of each Noble Fir type and size available, so customers can know what they’re purchasing. On the selected date of delivery, the tree is hand-picked, inspected, and harvested, shaken free of extra needles, and then placed in a moisture-resistant carton so the tree arrives fresh at the customer’s door.

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About Green Valley Christmas Trees: Green Valley Christmas Trees was created with the mission to bring beautiful, fresh Christmas trees to customers’ doorsteps. Green Valley Christmas Trees specializes in natural mail-order Christmas trees which are hand-selected by its farmers to ensure the company’s high standards for shape, fullness, color and quality. Trees are harvested and shipped the same day, in a special moisture-resistant carton that protects the tree during transit.


Heather Raney
Green Valley Christmas Trees