GridGain 2.0: Fastest Growing Java Grid Computing Framework Released by GridGain Systems

Pleasanton, California (EastBayDaily) — GridGain Systems announces the release of GridGain 2.0 , the next version of the fastest growing open-source Java grid computing platform. GridGain 2.0 provides the industry only open-source grid computing infrastructure that combines powerful and elegant simplicity, focus on Enterprise Java and industry-leading features.

Since its release in August 2007 GridGain became the fastest growing Java grid computing infrastructure with over 10,000 downloads and more than 500 unique projects utilizing it, and deployed in a dozen production systems.

The GridGain 2.0 release incorporates a number of new and enhanced features: Advance MapReduce implementation Comprehensive early and late load balancing capabilities Automatic and dynamic data partitioning and processing co-location Native support for leading data caching products such as JBoss Cache and Oracle Coherence Advanced scheduling management Improved runtime metrics, monitoring and management

GridGain founder Nikita Ivanov says: “GridGain demonstrated that when grid computing is done right, it will be used by a wide range of applications – from big systems to small and from small startups to global corporations. Just seven months ago GridGain was a new product that in a short period of time developed to a grid computing platform that starts every three minutes somewhere around the globe. Fundamental concepts of grid computing such as data and processing parallelization are extremely appealing to enterprise developers. GridGain employs these fundamental concepts that make grid computing a simple reality that can be easily harnessed right now today.

“GridGain 2.0 solidifies technological foundation for the new directions in GridGain development. We already have GridGain running on Google Android in our tests and we are working to make GridGain the ideal choice for emerging mobile grid computing market. Following releases will provide unique integration of grid computing with Web 2.0 applications utilizing REST and JSON technologies. We are also focusing on deep integration with Amazon EC2 and on significant improvements for management and runtime monitoring – all of the features that our customers will see in the future releases,” Ivanov says.

GridGain 2.0 is open source software licensed under LGPL and Apache 2.0 licenses. It’s available for free immediate download on all major operating systems at

About GridGain Systems GridGain Systems ( started in Pleasanton, CA in 2005 by a group of grid computing professionals that realized that traditional grid computing solutions are still largely inadequate for the majority of businesses due to their complexity, high cost, and lack of simple integration and applicability for mainstream enterprise technologies like Enterprise Java.

We envisioned an Open Source Java Grid Computing software that will combine intuitive integration and seamless application of the technology with state-of-the-art grid computing features, providing an Enterprise Java grid enabling solution that is easy to acquire and easy to implement.

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Nikita Ivanov
GridGain Systems