Ground-Breaking Simulations Platform Brings Engaging Learning to Any Organization — Simulation Studios Launches TailorMadeSims for Training

Walnut Creek, California (EastBayDaily) — Simulation Studios, (SimStudios), an experiential training and simulation company, today announced the launch of its new TailorMadeSimulations for corporate development. Pioneered by SimStudios, these ground-breaking, semi-customized simulations are the first of their kind to be made available to organizations of any size, and with nearly any size budget.

Built upon a platform of core technologies, TailorMadeSims ( combine interactive talent development with customizable components most often requested by users. The result is successful corporate development that is highly relevant to employees.

Numerous research studies have shown that today’s learners best retain training when it involves more than one of the five senses. Talent development that utilizes sims engages today’s learners more deeply, with visual, audible, and tactile involvement. As technology becomes increasingly prevalent in everyday life, today’s audience demands corporate training that engages them and which involves real-life scenarios. TailorMadeSims bring that engagement to those learners, quickly and affordably.

“If learners are bored they’ll disengage and tell others that the training was poor, regardless of the money spent,” said Bill Hall, vice president of learning and development for SimStudios. “Today’s learners expect training to be challenging, interactive and engaging – instead of slide show and role-play drudgery. SimStudios’ new TailorMadeSims get employees actively involved so they retain and apply new information over the long term.”

TailorMadeSims are developed more quickly than traditional custom simulations, allowing for specific talent development initiatives to be implemented when they are most needed. Because these cutting edge solutions cost only a fraction of traditional, custom simulations, TailorMadeSims can be easily developed for targeted employee groups who need to quickly learn specific skills and implement them immediately on the job.

Simulations can be designed to train employees on nearly any business topic, from soft skills to technology training to the inner financial and strategic workings of the organization. The customization allows the development of virtually limitless scenarios, making this option highly useful to both large and small organizations.

“TailorMadeSims bring the world of interactive and applied training to organizations of all kinds,” said Hall. “It’s an incredible value with no licensing fees, and employees learn exactly what they need to know. It’s a win-win for everyone.”

About SimStudios

Simulation Studios ( has been developing executives for more than ten years in strategy, business acumen, leadership, and other key areas, utilizing business simulations and business gamification. The principals have extensive backgrounds in learning theory and application, solution development, and business growth, and hold decades of experience in educational technology at Apple® and other firms. As a simulations architect, SimStudios has created and developed hundreds of projects, from childhood games to corporate employee succession planning simulations, and currently architects solutions for global Fortune 500 organizations and those aspiring to the Fortune 500.


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