HA Advantage Announces Availability of Logistics Process Review

Pleasanton, California (EastBayDaily) — HA Advantage officially announced the availability of its Logistics Process Review for companies working to refine their inbound and outbound freight strategies.

The launch of the offering coincides with HA Advantage’s participation at the Supply Chain and Transportation Expo in Atlanta, GA, March 17-20.

“We have seen the trend of companies searching for TMS technology in hopes that the systems will solve distribution woes,” says Mike Roberts, President of HA Advantage. “Unfortunately, many of these organizations don’t realize process issues and change management are just as critical for gaining or regaining control of supply chain operations. Problems are even more visible if the company is in rapid growth mode.”

The Logistics Process Review is designed for companies to assess obstacles to logistics optimization and prioritize tactics and technology that will resolve transportation-related supply chain issues. Typical solutions recommended by the review may include combinations of process automation or re-engineering as well as technology implementation.

“In my time at large logistics organizations, like Pacer Transportation Solutions, I saw what an advantage enterprises had when they used technology such as Mercury Gate in tandem with teams of logistics experts who could analyze data to optimize carrier mixes, streamline logistics costs and improve customer service,” reflects Scott Renda, VP Logistics Engineering at HA Advantage.

“It is exciting that we can deliver similar types of analytical expertise and technology to be used by companies that aren’t prepared to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on TMS implementations or hire large internal teams to analyze data. But these companies need to understand where they are and what they need to succeed. That is exactly what the Logistics Process Review provides,” continues Renda.

Mr. Renda will be discussing the Logistics Process Review at the Supply Chain and Transportation Expo in Booth 2718.

About HA Advantage

HA Advantage combines consulting, technology and services allowing clients to optimize operations and make informed logistics decisions. HA’s approach creates visibility into companies’ REAL logistics costs, opportunities for automation and information sharing capabilities to help executives gain or regain control of supply chain initiatives. Learn more at http://www.haadvantage.com.


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