HA Advantage’s Mobile Web App Offers Cloud-Based Transportation Management on the Go

Pleasanton, California (EastBayDaily) — HA Advantage, a customer technology-focused logistics company, offers the transportation management application free to all its customers. “For them, it means a smarter warehouse without a huge investment or integration nightmare.” says Carter Perez, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for HA Advantage.

AdvantageTMS works by cutting the time it takes to find the lowest cost LTL carrier to less than a minute, and now the web app lets users do that without leaving the warehouse. “Shipping managers aren’t held hostage by a desk. It makes a dramatic improvement in productivity and allows for more freedom.”

Web applications are the cousin to Apple’s App Store offerings, and work as mobile internet portals optimized for the iPhone and iPad. However, with over 1,700 web apps currently available, developers aren’t fighting a cluttered marketplace. In comparison, the App Store has over 200,000 apps, many of which have yet to be reformatted to fit the iPad’s larger screen.

Warehouse Ready With the addition of 3G capability, the iPad works without a wireless network by way of a cellular network. Wi-Fi hot spots are noticeably absent in certain work locations such as warehouses. “We’re field testing the iPad to ensure that it fits in the warehouse environment.” says Alan Huttmann, CEO of HA Advantage. “A warehouse can be a rough place. We know the iPhone is portable and durable enough. Can the iPad take some abuse?”

Mobile Cloud Computing Web apps also offer a new vein for cloud computing – mobile Software as a Service, or mSaaS. Instead of downloading applications to a device’s hard drive, web apps leverage the power of the internet to gain efficiency. The AdvantageTMS Mobile web app isn’t downloaded, so there’s no need for updates as Apple’s operating system evolves.

“I expect to see a new interest in mobile transportation management applications,” said Perez, “and we’re excited to be on the leading edge.” With over one million iPads sold in the first 28 days (less than half the time it took iPhones to reach this milestone) a shift to web-based applications should be seen in the next year.

About HA Advantage HA Advantage helps executives and businesses control, reduce, and manage transportation costs. With a hybrid in-sourcing logistics approach purpose built for small to mid-size shippers, HA Advantage uses an exclusive shipping tariff, freight billing process and free transportation management system to reduce transportation costs and improve control and visibility into shipping operations.


Carter Perez
HA Advantage