Hair Barrettes Wholesale Announces the Addition of Glamorous Necklaces that Rival Designer Jewelry and Are Parties Perfect

Hayward, California (EastBayDaily) — Hair Barrettes Wholesale is announcing the addition of fashionable brand new necklaces that offer elegance and affordability. These six glamorous necklaces are perfect for holiday parties, and feature elegant, eye-catching designs at below market prices. Available in bank account-friendly dozen packs with two of each necklace at Hair Barrettes Wholesale, as well as individually at Bella Fashion Jewelry or Bella Fashion Wholesale, these accessories are accessible to both retail and wholesale shoppers.

These gorgeous new necklaces are sure to catch admiring eyes, and wholesalers will definitely want to purchase a good stock of these accessories. One of the exciting new arrivals features iridescent, crystal-like pieces that will catch and reflect light in every direction. A color coordinated gold chain weaves throughout the necklace atop the yellow-tinged crystals in an intricate and visually appealing design.

For shoppers who love beaded necklaces, the midnight blue necklace option is the ultimate accessory. Geometric cut, shiny beads in shades of midnight blue trail across the wearer's neck in several strands. The eye-pleasing silver square beads add variety. This innovative and gorgeous necklace combines true designer level elegance and sophistication with affordability.

Opting for round beads rather than prisms, the next necklace also offers silver beads that will beautifully reflect colorful lights at any holiday party. In addition, the large geometric shapes in shining copper and sepia tones give this unique necklace an elegant earthy feeling, appealing to those who like to stand out from the masses.

The black necklace design echoes the first option described, but instead of semi-translucent crystals, features opaque, shining, and mirror-smooth black shapes. Black beads with hints of a beautiful jewel-toned blue adorn the larger pieces, creating a holiday-season appropriate look.

Two more necklaces that are sure to make excellent gifts feature modern designs that rival designer jewelry. The twisted chain necklace, with shining scales that coil together, is lightweight and makes a statement. Customers who love chains can also opt for the multi-chain necklace, which features a whole collection of chains that hang in a stylish arrangement of dark pewter, gold, and silver.

These necklaces are the ideal holiday gift, so both wholesalers stocking up holiday inventory and retail shoppers looking for the perfect gift should act now.

About Hair Barrettes Wholesale Bella Fashion Jewelry is a leading provider of fashion jewelry and fashion accessories to help customers stay up to date with the latest fashion trends at affordable prices. Bella Fashion Jewelry has been in the business of fashion jewelry and accessories for over 21 years, and has just launched its new wholesale subsidiary, Hair Barrettes Wholesale. Bella Fashion Jewelry, owned and operated out of Hayward, California, now operates at three levels: at retail site,, no minimum order amount is set, and pricing is at everyday discounted retail pricing. Free shipping is offered for orders of $30 or more. At, 1st and 2nd tier of wholesale pricing are offered, minimum order amount is set at $30, and shoppers are allowed to buy 1 each of each style or color with free shipping for orders of $60 or more. At its newly launched wholesale site,, minimum order amount is set at $45. Products at are dozen packed, and pricing is at 3rd tier wholesale pricing which competes well with buying direct from factories.


Hilda Wong
Bella Fashion Jewelry Inc