Hal Leonard and Pervasent Team to Reinvent Sheet Music on the iPad


Oakland, California (EastBayDaily) — As the world's largest music print publisher and a leader in the delivery of digital media, Hal Leonard knew its sheet music app had to “blow away” existing iPad apps in features, quality of design and ease-of-use.

Hal Leonard teamed with Pervasent, developer of the award-winning Zinio and Chipotle apps, to build the “Sheet Music Direct for iPad” app. Once loaded, the app automatically syncs users’ digital sheet music to their iPad. Musicians can carry all their sheet music on a lightweight device that can be held in one hand.

No matter how large a user’s library, the app makes it easy to find a song. Users can search, “swipe” through first pages of scores, or list songs by artist, title or notation. Set lists organize songs for quick access or preparation for a gig. No more shuffling through binders or loose stacks of paper.

Once a song is selected in the app, the score is displayed in a viewer designed for true musicians. Interactive sheet music lets users hear their scores playback. Pages automatically turn. Users can transpose keys, change tempos, and mix MIDI output.

Fully integrated tuner and metronome tools let users tune their instruments and set a beat. Without leaving the viewer, users can also preview and purchase new sheet music from an online catalog of 100,000+ songs. New music is automatically downloaded.

With four and five-star reviews and thousands of downloads in the first weeks after its release, the app is striking a chord with musicians. As one app store reviewer wrote, “I have seen the future of sheet music, and it is this app.”

“Working with Pervasent was a truly collaborative effort,” noted Joe Burzinski, Vice President, Digital Enterprise Solutions for Hal Leonard. “They were able to bring a lot of insight from their experience developing paper-replacement applications.”

“Hal Leonard is exactly the type of company we like to work with,” shared Stuart Williams, CEO, Pervasent. “They challenged us to push the performance boundaries of the iPad and achieve a crisp, quality look and feel, and it definitely shows in the finished app.”

About Pervasent

Founded in 2000, Pervasent builds innovative solutions for organizations looking to take maximum advantage of the iPhone, iPad and Android mobile platforms. Balancing best-of-breed design with rigorous attention to the performance dynamics of mobile devices, Pervasent cares as much about your app as you do. Over 100 applications developed by Pervasent are available on the Apple App store.

Headquartered in Oakland, CA, Pervasent (http://www.pervasent.com) can be contacted at inquiries@pervasent.com or (510) 903-1001.

About SheetMusicDirect.us

Sheet Music Direct® (http://www.SheetMusicDirect.us) was launched in 1997 to allow consumers around the world to download top-quality, accurate, legal sheet music – in all styles and at all levels, for a wide variety of instruments. The site is now the most popular online destination for downloading sheet music. Sheet Music Direct is a joint-venture between Hal Leonard Corporation and London-based Music Sales Ltd., and combines the two companies’ massive song catalogs to feature more than 100,000 favorite selections. Sheet Music Direct is an official, authorized and licensed service that provides instant delivery of digital sheet music. Every sale on the site generates a royalty for the relevant publishers and songwriters.

About Hal Leonard Corporation

Founded in 1947, Hal Leonard Corporation (http://www.halleonard.com) is the world’s largest music print publisher as well as the world’s largest educational music publisher, producing songbooks, sheet music, educational publications, reference books, DVDs, CD-ROMs, children’s music products and more. Additionally, Hal Leonard has grown to become the largest distributor of music-related technology products in North America, offering many popular software, hardware, and accessory lines. In its more than 200,000 available publications, the company represents in print some of the world’s best known and most respected publishers, artists, songwriters and arrangers. Hal Leonard is headquartered in Milwaukee, WI and also has domestic offices in Winona, MN; New York; and Nashville; and offices abroad in Australia, Belgium, China, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.


Stuart Williams / Jess Taylor