Happy High Herbs Offers Alternatives to Cigarette Smoking

Berkeley, California (EastBayDaily) — Happy High Herbs Store in Berkeley is now offering an herbal blend alternative to cigarettes to help people quit smoking. Their Quit Nic smoking blend is designed to be mixed with tobacco at first, followed by a gradual decrease in the tobacco content. Or smokers can choose to eliminate tobacco immediately and just use this amazing herbal blend to lessen their withdrawal symptoms.

“We have a large variety of helpful herbs to assist in the process of quitting addiction and a passion for helping people find alternatives for all sorts of substances,” says Naomi Franc, co-owner of Happy High Herbs.

Quit Nic consists of a variety of herbs that help the body resist cravings and get rid of addiction. The blend includes the herbs passionflower and lobelia, which help curb the smoke craving and addiction; coltsfoot, which helps clean the lungs of congestion and soothe the smoker’s cough; and mugwort and damiana, which help relax the body and mind.

Users can smoke the herbs just like they would regular tobacco, but without the addictive compounds found in cigarettes. With herb-blend cigarettes, smokers have the choice of either quitting immediately or withdrawing gradually from the habit.

In addition to the loose herbal blend, the Berkeley/Oakland herb store also has pre-rolled herbal cigarettes, for those who don’t want to roll their own. In addition, Happy High Herbs has many herbs that help offer a nutritional boost that supports the body as a person recovers from their addiction.

For more information on Happy High Herbs Store, call 510-423-0769 or 510-644-3727, or visit them online at http://www.happyhighherbs.com. Happy High Herbs Store is located at 2508 Channing Way in Berkeley.

About Happy High Herbs Store Happy High Herbs in Berkeley was originally founded in Australia by Ray Thorpe in an effort to offer a safer, healthier and more effective alternative to both recreational and medicinal drugs. Serving Oakland, San Francisco and beyond, Happy High Herbs has since expanded to include a vast shop online, as well as retail locations around the globe. The centrally located Berkeley smoke shop and tea shop offers a dazzling array of herbs to compliment every aspect of daily life, as well as safe alternatives to party substances, holistic health accessories and fire performance toys. The herb store staff has a passion for health and a deep understanding of both the fun and medicinal side of herbal effects. The owner is a naturopath and has extensive knowledge in the field of herbal health.


Ethan Franc