HAPPYneuron Announces Its Latest Memory Game: Cocktail

Mountain View, California (EastBayDaily) — Today HAPPYneuron announced their 37th brain training game, Cocktail, keeping their commitment to continuously deliver variety and novel material to their brain training program.

Verbal memory and concentration are essential cognitive elements that everyone needs in their daily life. Whether it is retaining information that has just been read in a book, or simply remembering the name of a new acquaintance, these skills are vital to well-being. New technology like cell phones and PDAs diminish the need to engage memorization skills in day-to-day living. Similar to how doctors recommend taking the stairs instead of the elevator to maintain physical fitness, it is important to exercise cognitive skills to maintain brain fitness. As people age, memory skills can begin to decline unless they make a conscientious effort to keep themselves sharp. Playing brain games is a great way to stay mentally fit.

HAPPYneuron’s new memory game, Cocktail, puts players in the shoes of a mixologist and asks them to remember information as they prepare cocktails using various ingredients, glassware, and garnishes. Cocktail challenges verbal memory by requiring the user to remember key pieces of information in order to fulfill correct drink orders.

In the game Cocktail users’ visual analysis is trained as they scan each shelf and attempt to identify the right ingredients and correct quantity. Concentration skills are also exercised from the time they are presented the drink recipe to the execution of the order. Academic studies have shown that playing scientifically developed memory games (like Cocktail) can improve recall and other cognitive functions.

“With the current advancements in neuroimaging techniques, there is a growing body of scientific evidence that variety and novelty are essential to improving brain fitness,” explains Bernard Croisile, MD, PhD and HAPPYneuron’s chief science officer. “These elements, combined with a commitment from users to practice, have shown a positive impact on creating new neurons and neural pathways.”

Information about HAPPYneuron’s Cocktail memory training game can be found at the Cocktail memory game page. It is available to subscribing members of HAPPYneuron’s brain fitness program. Membership list price is $9.95 per month or $99.95 annually.

About HAPPYneuron, Inc.: A pioneer in brain training and rehabilitation solutions, HAPPYneuron offers a broad range of scientifically validated, personalized programs in multi-media formats for children, adults and seniors. HAPPYneuron was co-founded by internationally acclaimed and award-winning neurologist, Bernard Croisile, MD, PhD, and is dedicated to improving cognitive health through evidence-based products for individuals and cognitive therapy professionals worldwide. HAPPYneuron is a majority owned subsidiary of Scientific Brain Training (NYSE Euronext: MLSBT). To learn more about HAPPYneuron, Inc. visit happy-neuron.com.

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Laura Fay
HAPPYneuron, Inc