Harry Clark Plumbing PSL Program Sewer Compliance Update in Oakland and Piedmont

Oakland, California (EastBayDaily) — Harry Clark Plumbing and Heating Inc. is pleased to provide the most recent sewer compliance update regarding the PSL program throughout the Bay Area from August, 2013. Even though Harry Clark Plumbing has completed more PSL certification than any other contractor, some have come with a fair amount of frustrations.

The following are some of the challenges the company has met and instances to guide them in the future:

At a plumbing, heating and sewer inspection job for a Berkeley property, the sewer was older clay pipe and was not a candidate for testing. The technician on-site quoted a price for a trenchless replacement to the existing property owner. Months later the property was sold and Harry Clark Plumbing was awarded the work to obtain the compliance certificate.

When the contractor applied for the permit, it came back that the property was actually located in Oakland even though the mailing address is Berkeley. In Berkeley, the sewer compliance covers the sewer from the house to the sewer main. In this case the main was in the middle of a busy street and was deep. The price was considerably more.

Another problem cropped up with a sewer ejection system. In general the compliance is only concerned with the gravity portion of the lateral. This particular job had the sewer ejection pump line all the way to the sewer main. In this case the line was exempt.

The biggest challenge a plumbing contractor like Harry Clark faces is when two properties are connected to one sewer lateral. One property is being sold and that prompts repairs to the adjoining property. Neighbors will not be happy. Both properties need to be in compliance.

Working together with property owners and officials, Harry Clark is committed to solving all problems to obtain the compliance certificate.

All sewer contractors are not equal. Contractors that work in unsafe ways, don’t pay workers compensation insurance, liability insurance or hire undocumented workers are putting customers and their agents at risk. Contractor’s trucks are required to have the company name and contractor’s license number clearly visible. When the need arises for a plumbing contractor, be sure to call the best, Harry Clark Plumbing and Heating Inc at 510-250-3694. For more information, visit their website at http://www.hcplumbing-ba.com.

About the company:

Harry Clark started a plumbing service company called Grand Ave. Plumbing in 1946. The company moved to Piedmont Ave. and changed the name to "Harry Clark Plumbing." Harry Clark along with his wife Madeline ran a successful neighborhood plumbing company. Some years later Mr. Clark passed away. Madeline Clark came from a family of plumbers and had worked with her father when growing up. Madeline was not ready to retire, or sell. She applied and succeeded in becoming a California licensed plumbing contractor; one of the first in the state.

In 1976 Mrs. Clark was ready to retire. She found Donald and Beverly Marshall, who worked in the industry since 1952. They bought the company. They continued the tradition of the local plumbing company specializing in service for the Bay Area. They hired their youngest son Brad Marshall, a union trained journeymen in 1985. By 1989 Donald and Beverly were ready to retire. They sold the company to their two sons, Brad and Don Marshall.

Today, Harry Clark Plumbing and Heating Inc. retains its roots as a specialized air conditioning, heating and plumbing service company. We have expanded the service base to include: sewer repair and replacement, heating and air conditioning service and installation. Today's company enjoys the status of a premier service AC contractor providing the California Bay Area with the finest residential and commercial HVAC and plumbing solutions.