Harvard Improv Troupe: Immediate Gratification Players Perform at Oakland’s Pan Theater January 23rd

Oakland, California (EastBayDaily) — Pan Theater will host Harvard’s Immediate Gratification Players on January 23rd. IGP troupe members will perform at 8pm and again at 9:10pm with Pan Theater’s Awkward Face troupe. The evening’s performances will use long form comedy improv to explore audience suggestions. Performers will create scenes, monologues, and songs on the spot through improvisational theater.

Pan’s Awkward Face troupe practices long form improv comedy and holds weekly improv comedy shows. This is the first time Awkward Face will share the stage with another performing troupe. It is an exciting night of comedy improv for both Pan and IGP.

This is IGP’s first Oakland performance and Pan Theater’s first visit from IGP. Both Pan and IGP are excited by the chance to collaborate. Pan Theater’s Awkward Face Improv troupe performs weekly on Saturday nights at 8pm and 9:10pm in Oakland’s Uptown.

Pan Theater has been providing a place for people to practice, study and perform improv theater since February of 2002. Pan Theater has been performing on Oakland’s Broadway since March of 2008. Pan Theater offers improv theater training and performances in downtown Oakland one block away from the San Francisco BART.

Pan started providing weekly improv comedy shows in March of 2008.


Pan Theater