Headache Treatments Reviewed by Leading Neurologists for Headache Awareness Week

Berkeley, California (EastBayDaily) — Headache sufferers can now get in-depth headache information from the source they trust most, their own neurologist.

In honor of Headache Awareness Week (June 6-12), Vivacare has enhanced the headache education resources made available on the Websites of the leading neurologists that use Vivacare’s ‘From Your Doctor’ patient education service.

Neurologists use Vivacare to enhance their own practice Websites with customizable patient handouts and other resources to help patients better understand and manage their medical conditions. Vivacare has expanded the patient education content regarding headache to include migraine headache, tension-type headache, cluster headache, hormonal headache and patient handouts on a variety of headache treatments, including triptans and biofeedback. Neurologists also provide their patients with an online headache diary to help monitor their headache symptoms and responses to treatment.

“Vivacare makes it easy for neurologists to educate their patients about headaches and the headache treatments that they prescribe”, said Dr. Mark Becker, pediatrician and President of Vivacare. “Migraine and other types of headaches are very common. Unfortunately, the time constraints within a busy medical practice makes it difficult for a doctor to share everything a headache patient needs to know to manage his or her illness. Vivacare is pleased to expand its headache resources in support of Headache Awareness Week and help neurologists help their headache patients.”

Headaches are responsible for millions of doctor visits each year. More than 9 in 10 adults will experience a headache sometime in their life. Headaches can range in frequency and severity of pain. The level of pain caused by a headache can range from mild to severe, with some headache sufferers finding the headaches so disabling that they are unable to attend work or school. A variety of treatment options are available for headaches. Medications are prescribed depending on several factors, including type of headache (migraine, tension-type, cluster, or other), the severity and frequency of the headaches, and responses to past headache treatments.

About Vivacare

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Mary Ann Walker