Healthcare Industry Considers Big Data’s Power to Achieve the Promise of A Data-Driven and Improved Environment

Mountain View, California (EastBayDaily) — It has been generally acknowledged that the healthcare industry is in its infancy when it comes to leveraging big data for business and clinical use. While the promise and potential of using data for great benefit is written about in industry publications and discussed in every hospital boardroom, industry analysts say that achieving technology transformation in healthcare necessitates a sweeping commitment to change in the very structure and accepted processes of the industry. Data analytics tools and techniques must be embraced and fully integrated into the system if the desired improvements are to be achieved. The debate is not “if,” but “how”: how to effectively employ big data and analytics, how to justify the cost, how to share it among the enterprise and how to safeguard and secure all this information.

On April 3, 2014 the NextGen HealthTech Conference taking place in Mountain View, CA will feature a panel discussion titled “The Big Data Revolution – Changing US Healthcare.” Industry experts on this panel include Joe Caserta, president of the big data analytics firm Caserta Concepts, Jeremy Stieglitz, vice president at data security and protection solutions at Dataguise, Matt Gianni, a Life Science Architect at the Cray company YarcDATA, and moderator Uli Chetipally, physician and researcher at Kaiser Permanente. The four will share unique experience and insights as they tackle the issues associated with the significant changes the healthcare sector must undergo before it can realize the full value of big data.

“I am pleased to be included in a discussion that is so large and so necessary to a healthcare industry on the brink of enormous change,” said Joe Caserta. "The four of us on this panel bring different expertise and perspective to a challenge that poses great opportunity for all involved.”

The conference also features speakers Adam Doyle, Presidential Innovation Fellow at the White House/Department of Health and Human Services, and John Mattison, Chief Medical Information Officer at Kaiser Permanente.

To learn more about the NextGen HealthTech Conference taking place at the Computer Museum in Mountain View, CA on April 2 and 3rd, please visit

About Caserta Concepts:

Caserta Concepts is a New York-based innovation consulting and technology services firm that specializes in big data analytics, data warehousing and business intelligence. With a worldwide network of professionals, Caserta Concepts collaborates with global Fortune 1000 clients to help them gain new business insights through a better understanding of their data. The company was founded by internationally recognized data warehouse authority and author, Joe Caserta, in 2001. For more information, please visit Connect with Caserta Concepts on Twitter (@casertaconcepts) and LinkedIn at You can also follow Joe Caserta on Twitter at @joe_caserta


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