Hello GreenLite, A Boutique Weight Loss Solution in a Big Box World of Online Weight Loss Programs

Mountain View, California (EastBayDaily) — Today, Dr. Sooji Rugh, founder of GreenLite Medicine in Mountain View, San Francisco, and San Jose announced the launch of the company’s new HelloGreenLite online weight loss program. HelloGreenLite is an individualized, weight loss plan with face-to-face weekly consulting in the cloud. It’s designed for those who are ready to lose weight, learn new habits and embrace a healthier lifestyle, but due to their circumstances—a demanding job, children-at-home responsibilities, driving distance—they have difficulty joining and attending a weight loss center.     There are many online weight loss programs available, but none offer the personal touch that is the cornerstone of HelloGreenLite. “We’re a boutique solution in a big box world of online weight loss programs,” says Dr. Rugh.     The high protein, low carb, low fat food plan is balanced and scientifically-proven to get results—a steady, progressive weight loss. Using Skype™, HelloGreenLite health educators meet weekly with clients in the privacy of their own homes. A BodyTrace eScale sends updated weekly results directly to the GreenLite medical records system. Clients step on their scales before a virtual meeting and their health educators view and discuss the results.     “The difference between using GreenLite or some other online program is dramatic,” says Billie Overholser. She has been part of a beta testing of the program. “I have built a great relationship with my personal educator and she knows what I need in order to get me through my weight loss journey successfully. So far I’ve lost 69 pounds and I feel so empowered and confident that I will reach my goal. I don’t think I’d feel this way if I didn’t have those weekly sessions to stay on track.”          “Our philosophy at GreenLite Medicine is helping our clients have a sense of control and life balance,” says Dr. Rugh. “Now we can offer weekly supervision, behavioral guidance, nutrition, and accountability…to anyone who wants it, but just can’t make it to one of our offices. We’re so happy that we have a personalized solution for the online consumer.”          For more information, go to hellogreenlite.com.


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GreenLite Medicine

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