Hello Greenlite’s Gifted Health Educator Inspires Weight Loss Willpower and Recent, Dramatic, Weight Loss Results

Mountain View, California (EastBayDaily) — Billie Overholzer's pilot test results are proof positive that Hello GreenLite, the new online, personalized weight loss program works. From being obese at 202 pounds to a recent new weight of 130, Billie Overholser says her personal interaction with her health educator gave her the willpower and determination to finally succeed at weight loss. And she’s never met her educator in person. They've been interacting in the cloud.

In a conversation, Billie Overlhoser’s granddaughter mentioned how many client success stories are coming out of GreenLite Medicine weight loss centers. Overholser struggled with her weight for years and was searching for a program that could help her create a healthier lifestyle. The problem? GreenLite’s offices are located in the San Francisco Bay Area and Overlhoser lives in Oregon.

“There are so many Billie’s out there,” says Dr. Sooji Rugh, founder. “For a variety of reasons—distance, work or parenting duties—it’s just not feasible for them to physically come to us. That’s why we recently launched Hello Greenlite so we can come to them in the cloud.”

The difference between Hello Greenlite and other online weight loss programs is the weekly personal connection to a Hello Greenlite Health Educator via Skype.™ According to the Handbook of Obesity: Clinical Applications, participants who received a structured, therapist-led behavioral online intervention lost significantly more weight than those who had access to a self-help commercial weight loss websites. “And the study also proved to me that with a regularly scheduled check-in online, our clients can achieve the same weight loss results as if they visited us in person,” says Dr. Rugh.

“I thought the conference with the health educator was going to be ridiculous, a waste of time,” says Overholser. “I’ve been to meetings at one of the more well known programs, and they’d offer silly slogans and generic ‘good or bad week’ comments…and I never felt motivated or inspired.”

“But my Greenlite Health Educator gives me encouragement and hope, rather than feelings of failure. She knows where I am coming from and tailors strategies that connect with me and my issues. And, I never feel like a nut for asking questions. With her help, I’ve learned exactly what and how much to eat. She’s brainstormed ideas and shared plenty of great recipes and healthy food choices…even for entertaining.”

Overholzer, one of Hello Greenlite’s pilot test clients, began the online program in June 2011. She was 202 pounds with high blood pressure and arthritis issues. After one year, she’s lost 72 pounds, joined an aerobic swimming class and exercises up to five days per week.

“I carry myself with confidence, and I am noticed. I can’t stress enough the value of a gifted educator. When I feel discouraged, she always knows what to say to give me the willpower to pass on the streusel and reach for the low-fat string cheese instead!”

For more information, go to hellogreenlite.com.

Dr. Sooji Rugh received her BS degree at MIT, her medical degree from the University of Pittsburgh, and completed her Internal Medicine residency at Harbor-UCLA. She is board certified in both Internal Medicine and Obesity Medicine. She founded GreenLite Medicine weight loss centers in 1997 in Mountain View, San Francisco, and San Jose to provide consumers with a medically-supervised weight loss program with a focus on making changes that will last a lifetime. To reach more with her personalized approach, she developed HelloGreenlite, weight loss in the cloud. Go to greenlitemedicine.com and hellogreenlite.com for more.


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