High Efficiency Washers Make Big Impact in Appliance Industry

Hayward, California (EastBayDaily) — There have been many innovations over the years within the appliance industry. One of the most noticeable innovations is the birth of HE (High Efficiency) washing machine.    HE washers use less water, less electricity, and less detergent. The drums of these washers are high in capacity which means less time doing laundry which saves time for moms around the bay area to spend more quality time with their families. Another bonus for moms is the fabric care HE washers produce. The flat-sided drum that rolls on a horizontal axis gently tumbles clothes clean instead of vibrating and pulling clothes.

In an interview conducted with Elliott Jones, one of Airport Home Appliance’s product specialists, it was noted that HE washers use approximately a third less water than a conventional washing machine. “With an older washing machine, you are going to use around 40-50 gallons of water per load. With the new high efficiency washers, you’re going to be using only about 20 gallons per load. The consumer benefits greatly because with less water being used during each cycle, the HE washing machine won’t require as much energy in comparison to an older style washing machine.”

Any consumer reading this is probably wondering the big question when it comes to high efficiency versus non-high efficiency; what is the difference in cost? According to numerous appliance specialists at Airport Home Appliance, the costs are very similar. Although a HE washer or laundry pair may cost more money out of pocket, there are so many rebates to get some of that hard earned money back into the consumer’s pocket. Unfortunately there are practically no rebates when it comes to the older and less efficient washing machines because these appliances are using far too much energy and water in comparison to HE washers. With that said, a consumer will pay virtually the same price after rebates when purchasing a high efficiency washer as opposed to a non high efficiency.

HE washers require special HE detergent. HE detergent is specially formulated to create a low amount of suds, which is the perfect match for a high efficiency washer.    This type of detergent can be found in any grocery store. Simply look for the “HE” logo on detergent bottles. Airport Home Appliance, a locally owned and women operated appliance store in the Bay Area also carries Excelsior detergent. This type of HE detergent equals to 36 cents per load because of the high concentrated solution.

If regular detergents were used in a HE washer the occurrence of too many suds could confuse the machine during washing cycles causing delays and improperly rinsing clothes leaving left over detergent residue. If regular detergent is used in an HE machine the same effect of using liquid dish soap in a dishwasher would occur.

HE washers are the top choice in regards to new washer purchases. Airport Home Appliance has the largest selection of appliance brands including hundreds of laundry models, most of which are HE models. Choosing to purchase an HE washer will save money upon purchase and during the life of the machine through less water, energy and longer fabric life. Don’t forget to pair these washers with the proper HE detergent and an energy saving dryer.


Alicia Owsley
Airport Home Appliance

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