High End MiniVap Vaporizer: New Standard in Portable Smoking Alternatives

Oakland, California (EastBayDaily) — The new MiniVap is an innovative high-end portable vaporizer. The MiniVap uses a lithium battery and a proprietary heat exchanger to create the best functioning portable available.

“MiniVap works better than any other portable on the market, by far,” said Steve Steinberg from VaporizeIT, the American importer of the new MiniVap vaporizers. “The effect from the MiniVap is direct and pure so you don’t miss a thing versus smoking. MiniVap is the newest most technologically advanced portable vaporizer on the market.” He continued.

Steinberg added, “In fact the MiniVap packs some kind of punch. No other vaporizer has the ability to hold the heat as constant as does the MiniVap. The result is an effect like no other vaporizer on the market.”

Many people have found that the effect from a vaporizer is better than smoking. The MiniVap amplifies that efficiency to the maximum level possible. Nothing in the market has the functionality of the MiniVap.

“One key is the new and unique materials used by the MiniVap. This incredible new technology allows the Minivap to operate with greater efficiency than any other vaporizer on the market. No other vaporizer can maintain the heat with as little input as the MiniVap.” said Steinberg.

“The new MiniVap design combined with unique materials produces the cleanest and most effective portable unit on the market. The MiniVap imparts no bad flavor or taste and it maintains the absolute maximum preservation of active ingredients, so the MiniVap gives you a kick butt impact right away, every time.”

Steinberg helped introduce world famous vaporizers to the US market and is enthusiastic about the MiniVap because it sets a new standard for portable vaporizers. Steinberg said “You won’t believe the results from using the MiniVap vaporizer system. This device literally allows you to smoke without smoking! Have you tried to stop smoking cigarettes but nothing seems to work? This will work, because you don’t miss a thing with a MiniVap vaporizer.”

A multitude of materials is present in smoke. This device stops just short of combustion so most of the byproducts of smoke are eliminated, greatly reducing the number of compounds.

The MiniVap represents a true alternative to smoking. The MiniVap can deliver more of the flavor found in the natural plant material, so you don’t lose any of the effect, yet the overall reduction in chemicals due to combustion is huge.

“With the smoke removed, only virtually transparent vapor remains, often perplexing first time users of the system. But after a couple of uses, it becomes clear that the results of clinical testing on this product are accurate. The MinVap revolutionizes smoking with its new unique and sleek design,” said Steinberg.

The primary requirement of a vaporizer is its capacity to maintain the temperature just above the point of vaporization in order to obtain an optimum level of both efficiency and flavor, along with minimized production of harmful substances.

A MiniVap vaporizer is designed to heat material to temperatures of 130° to 215° C (266° to 419° F) where medically active vapors are produced, but below the threshold of combustion where smoke is formed.

Steinberg noted that vaporizing is similar to smoking. He states, “With smoking, the active ingredients are also vaporized. Vaporizers use heat just like a pipe or cigarette or food smoker uses heat. The combustion that comes with smoking is not what releases the nicotine in a cigarette, or what releases the fundamental (“non-smoke”) aromas. It’s the heat from the combustion that does the trick. A vaporizer stops short of combusting the material, but it still flash heats the active ingredients just as smoking heats active ingredients.”

So, the MiniVap uses the same principle as smoking, but it is not smoking because you stop short of combustion. That is, the MinVap superheats material so that active ingredients and aromas are released from the plant material. Vaporizing simply stops just short of combustion, thereby eliminating the byproducts of combustion, and instead greatly limiting and focusing the compounds produced in the resulting vapor.

The MiniVap is distributed through an agreement with Slide4less, Inc. More information is available by contacting Steve Steinberg at 1-510-414-8429.


Steve Steinberg