Home healthcare entrepreneur Michael Kuller, RPh shares his formula for retail success in “The Next Step-Retail Home Medical Equipment”

Walnut Creek, California (EastBayDaily) — Michael Kuller, RPh announced today he is launching his latest venture, a book entiled, "The Next Step – Retail Home Medical Equipment" (2012, CreateSpace).

"There is a lot of interest in home medical equipment with the Baby Boomers aging.," says the entrepreneur, "With 70 million Baby Boomers in the US and 8500 of them turning 65 every day, many helping to care for ageing parents, there is a growing demand for home medical equipment to help make their lives easier. "

Kuller founded his fourth home healthcare business in 2010, a retail home medical equipment store, when he realized that Medicare's Competitive Bidding program would have a negative impact on the existing medical equipment businesses and that demand for these products would only be growing larger. He sold his own Medicare medical equipment business earlier this year so he could concentrate on the growth of the retail store.

"The Next Step – Retail Home Medical Equipment" is a step-by-step guide to starting up and making a retail home medical equipment business successful, including: ·         How to write a business plan

·         How to find space

·         Obtaining financing

·         Product selection

·         Inventory management

·         Pricing

·         Operations

·         Hiring and training

·         Customer service

·         Inside selling

·         Branding

·         Advertising

·         Promotion

·         Using the internet

·         Outside sales

In addition, he includes his original business plan for use as a guide. He also provides his most recent profit and loss statement with percentages for comparison.

"Many people involved in home healthcare would love to have a cash business that didn't rely on third party insurance payers. With the retail medical equipment store, I am able to utilize my healthcare and medical equipment knowledge, help customers and get paid cash – no more denials, audits or waiting for payment", says Kuller.

"Using the information provided in this book, anyone can open a retail home healthcare store and make it successful. For those considering a retail home medical equipment business, this book is a must-read ", says Jack Evans, Retail Home Healthcare Expert.

For more information about the book, "The Next Step", visit http://www.retailhomemedical.com .


Michael Kuller, Rph