Homes, Schools, Carbon Monoxide, and the Pocket CO

Newark, California (EastBayDaily) — Heating season is upon us, and that means ring up the furnace in our homes and places of work, and in many cases, for the rst time. But this also means that boiliers are being turned on in your childrens’ schools as well. Several recent events have brought a concern to light:

SPRINGDALE, Ark. (KTHV) – Officials in northwest Arkansas said a carbon monoxide leak forced an evacuation at a junior high school on Monday.

(Sophia Rosenbaum, NBC News) Dozens of people were hospitalized Monday morning after a carbon monoxide leak forced 280 students and faculty to evacuate a Utah elementary school.

(Kate Carr | Huffington Post)This week, 49 children and staff from an elementary school in Georgia were taken to the hospital for carbon monoxide poisoning. This near-tragedy has many parents, including me, wondering, "Is this something that can happen at my child's school?"

So how do we prevent these accidents from happening?

The answer lies in the Pocket CO from KWJ Engineering.

Pocket CO, designed by KWJ Engineering Inc, is the world’s smallest renewable Carbon Monoxide detector. Its advanced technology, tiny size, and ease of use, make it perfectly suited for many applications and activities where CO should be monitored.

In addition to keeping users safe from immediately dangerous levels of CO, Pocket CO also allows monitoring of low CO levels, and collects dosimetry information, such as maximum and average readings.

Pocket CO is ideal for many situations including: Boiler/Furnace checks Can be worn by maintenance and staff Keep on a desk, in an office, or next to the boiler Allows for long term monitoring in critical areas to check if there are leaks over time, data is downloadable!

Pocket CO is currently in use by Recreational Boaters, Travelers – Hotels aren’t always CO Safe!, Home Inspectors, HVAC Professionals, Small Aircraft and Commercial Pilots, Truckers, Concerned Homeowners, Students and Renters, First Responders, Firefighters, Scuba Divers, and CO Sensitive Individuals.

KWJ Engineering Inc. is an established manufacturer and developer of gas sensors and instruments. Our low power, low cost sensors are ideal for wireless monitoring, wearable medical devices, and many other new applications. KWJ Engineering is committed to improving health, safety and environmental awareness for individuals and industry alike. For more information on our products, please go to


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