Hot Picks from Mutant for Summer Enjoyment

Fremont, California (EastBayDaily) — Mutant has been enjoying record sales as their product line continues to heat up since the late winter months. Thomas Bliss, Mutant Div. General Manager offers, “We create products that our customers want and need. For instance, our line of summer-friendly outdoor speakers for iPhone® and iPod® are good examples of top-quality and design but at incredible pricing at retail.” These weather resistant speakers come in two varieties – both of which can stream music wirelessly from the source.

Sales of the Media Block and Media Ellipse sky-rocketed as spring arrived and they haven’t slowed down a bit. “I think there are three reasons for the steady and climbing sales,” said Bliss. “First, the products rock, I mean they’re really good. Second, we appeal to (generally) a young and very value conscious demographic. They are smart about consumer electronics and they know what they want when they see it.” He concluded, “And lastly, we added a quick start guide to every box – by hand – after they were packaged, in order to make it easier for customers to ‘pair’ their wireless speakers. The original instructions were slightly overwhelming. It feels like they rewarded us for admitting a mistake and correcting it.”

The form factor of the products, not unlike the name – is appealing to younger savvy buyers that are not impressed with gimmicks, yet they are very demanding about the relevance of products and their life-style. Many of the products in the line are designed for an active life-style as well. The M-Wavio, a pocket-sized portable WiFi Internet radio that can playback over 11,000 stations, is a product, like the wireless speakers, that removes the tethers and solitude of technology by making streaming music mobile and shareable with family and friends. We’ve heard it’s a ‘back yard favorite’ that crosses all the age barriers.

Other products include the M-Focus, an 3-D HD still and video camera; the Back Stroke, a wireless floating speaker with a mountable iPhone® and iPod® base unit; and more, including an exciting iPhone® iPad® docking station that permits you to move pictures onto SD Memory cards or between devices without synching. It has a remote control, charging station, aux jack and great speakers. Alex Woo, President of STI Certified Products said, “The docking station is a not only an entertainment product but also a productivity product for business professionals that have added the iPad® as part of their professional tool kit.

“Customer service needs to be considered at the design level” added Alex Woo, “when customers spend money in this economy, they’re making an investment and we have always felt that our products need to be a balance of form and function. Our products are going to last so the design is very important even if we are a value price-point across our line.

Mutant Innovations products are available at many retailers on-line including,,, and more.


Alex Woo
Mutant Innovation

Thomas Bliss