Houses for Sale in Mountain View, CA Marketed by Transaction Engineers

Mountain View, California (EastBayDaily) — Purchasing a home in the state of California can be a long process for a buyer with few resources to complete a sale. The Real Estate News Wire company is now reporting the houses for sale in Mountain View, CA that are now listed by the Transaction Engineers company online at

These homes are part of a new portfolio that is marketed to buyers online not currently using the services of a realtor to locate properties for sale.

This expanded portfolio now includes photographs of each property, complete pricing information and additional property details typically reserved for an in-person walk-through before a sale is considered.

"Investment companies are dominating real estate in populous areas due to the amount of homes that are currently on the market not listed by real estate agencies," a spokesman for the company said.

The strategies used by real estate agents to list and market a property to a buyer could take weeks and months to complete.

A homeowner with a current need to sell due to bankruptcy, foreclosure or other issue can often explore other ways to sell properties. The Transaction Engineers company now seeks out these homeowners and purchases the homes to offer to buyers.

The company resource center on the Internet has now been launched at This online portal is providing information about each property as well as additional services that are offered as alternative solutions for property sales or purchases. Solutions for renters are now part of the services that can be explored on the company website.

"Buyers able to purchase, lease or rent a property from an investment group can take advantage of the zero commission fees at closing that are usually payable through standard realtor transactions," the spokesman added.

The resource is continuing its trend of locating extraordinary companies in North America and providing direct access to these companies through its website online. New programs for 2014 are expected to be announced to the public.

About Transaction Engineers

The Transaction Engineers company purchases real estate in the state of California and prepares these properties for direct sale to buyers or renters seeking housing. The company specialists are trained in all aspects of the housing industry and currently supply prompt selling and buying services for consumers.

About Real Estate News Wire

The Real Estate News Wire company promotes real estate information from its expanded website online. This company has hired housing specialists to provide written content that is published online and currently distributed through a network of partners to help educate consumers.


Seth Allan