Hype or Hyperinflation? Counteracting The Collapse of US Dollar

Concord, California (EastBayDaily) — Economist Jim Willie stated it best when said, "Coming out of the once revered New York Fed, now just a stepping stone from Goldman Sachs to the power center, is William Dudley. He hints of big USDollar devaluation, from a sideways message. The US bankers have very limited options, given the perverse systemic insolvency, and the sluggish if not moribund economy. Goldman Sachs alumnus William Dudley hints at the endgame, rather than Exit Strategy, involving a steep USDollar devaluation."

As The Federal Reserve continues to print and throw money at the struggling US economy which will send the dollar’s value into free-fall. This impending era of ‘hyperinflation’, the likes of which a Western nation has never seen, is the self-evident truth being revealed by an ever-increasing number of respected figures from Ron Paul and Glenn Beck to Macroeconomics Expert Peter Schiff and Investment Analyst Marc Faber.

Urged by these experts and other respected economists to shore up their financial portfolios with stable precious metals, more and more Americans are turning to the oldest known currency on the planet: gold. In fact, it appears that gold and silver will prove once again to be the best inflation hedge in the world. In fact, gold is being viewed as an alternative currency now that the paper markets are seeing a new era in volitility.

The ultimate form of currency, gold, can’t be devalued. Think about it, a one ounce $20 Gold Liberty coin was equal to a $20 bill in the 1920's, both could buy a fine mans suit. Today, the exact same coin is worth $1400, still able to purchase a fine mans suit but the $20 bill can't even pay for the tayloring of the suit. In fact, no matter how out of control inflation gets, gold and silver, unlike dollars backed by a broken US Treasury Department, will always preserve their purchasing power.

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Michael MacDonald