iBaby Stands at the Forefront of Smart Home Monitoring by Utilizing Apple’s New Technologies

Mountain View, California (EastBayDaily) — iBaby has been an innovator in the forefront of smart home monitoring solutions ever since the iPhone and coverage of 3G network became widely available back in 2011. iBaby’s global presence in Apple store worldwide and online retailers such as Amazon has forever changed the concept of smart home monitoring. The iBaby monitors gave consumers the ability to keep eyes on their loved ones wherever they are via Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G enabled smartphones and tablets.

Upon the very start, the iBaby monitors distinguished themselves from rest with their intuitive and easy automatic installation and cost-effective cloud solution. With hassle-free installation, users could simply connect the USB cable that came with their iPhone, and the camera would take care of the installation all by itself; no switching in and out of apps to adjust Bluetooth settings or scan any QR code. On the cloud front, the company employs P2P (peer-to-peer), an efficient and familiar technology compared to other smart IP cameras with expensive relay technology such as Dropcam. The deployment of P2P network allows users to effectively share contents with one another and reduces overall server load. Its result: more cost-effective cloud services compared to others.

Combining with the aforementioned technologies and the ability to perform 360° pan and 110° tilt, the iBaby Monitor M6 holds distinctive advantage over any smart IP camera on the market by providing users with the most comprehensive viewing coverage. Its 720p true HD camera combined with Ultra-fast Wi-Fi pairing technology give the users the ability to watch live stream, record videos and snapshot in most vivid details with less choppy images and heart-breaking delays. The specially engineered two-way audio speakers allow the users to easily communicate with loved ones without the disrupting ambient noise. The enhanced speakers even allow the users to install and play music for their babies!

“A smart device should provide users with seamless experience from the moment they open up the package, and last all the way till inconspicuously integrate itself into their daily lives”, said Karl Xu, CEO and co-founder of iBaby Labs, inc. “We truly believe that our products accomplished just that. And we are really excited to learn about all these newly available development kits Apple had announced in this year’s WWDC. We can’t wait to show the world how we could use tools such as HomeKit, Extension, and Touch ID to make our upcoming iBaby products more intelligent and seamless.”

Product Availability:

The iBaby Monitor M6 is set to debut in second half of 2014, and will be available to purchase from the company’s website: http://www.ibabylabs.com, Apple’s store front and online, as well as Amazon.com.

About iBaby Labs:

iBaby is a Mountain View, California based company that focuses on smart family care and wellness products through integration of consumer electronics and mobile platforms. Its iconic product, iBaby Monitor M3 and M3s, revolutionized modern parenting by extending the range of baby monitoring to anywhere an Internet connected iOS device is available. With its upcoming line of smart monitoring solutions, the company aims to bring comfort and convenience to everyone to keep watch over their loved ones wherever they go.


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