ICE Safety Solutions to Participate in The Great California Shake Out

Fremont, California (EastBayDaily) — ICE Safety Solutions will participate in The Great California Shake Out at 10:17 a.m. on Thursday, Oct. 17. Over 7.7 million people are expected to participate in the annual event around the West Coast.

The Great California Shake Out is a large scale earthquake drill designed to educate the public about how to protect themselves during a high magnitude earthquake and how to get prepared both at work and at home. It is now recognized as the largest earthquake drill to ever take place in the state of California.

California is not the only state participating, however. Washington, Nevada, Idaho, Arizona, Oregon and other states are expected to participate as well. The full list of regional participants and specific categories is available at

This is an annual opportunity to practice safety and preparation for big earthquakes. Participants are encouraged to review and update emergency preparedness plans and supplies as well as secure space to prevent damage and injuries. They will also learn how to use earthquake kits and first aid kits.

Sign-up for The Great California Shake Out is still available the event website. For more information on safety services, training, evacuation drills or disaster supplies, please contact ICE Safety Solutions by calling 1-877-743-8423 or visit their website.

ICE Safety is a training organization that can provide high quality safety preparedness. They ensure expected results by holding their certified instructors accountable and using exceptional teaching methods. Those who participate become more aware of potential dangers and how to stay protected.

About the company:

ICE Safety Solutions offers CPR certification training, BLS certification, first aid certification, and disaster preparedness training for medical professionals, childcare providers, coaches, schools districts, construction, manufacturing environments and emergency response teams. They provide individual or group training for all people who are interested in learning proper techniques in first aid, as well as prepare them for different scenarios, such as earthquakes and accidents. For more information about the course or any of ICE Safety Solutions’ products or services, call 510-252-0423, visit the disaster preparedness expert’s website, or visit their location at 43236 Christy St. in Fremont.


Pamela Isom