idOnDemand Launches the First Multi-Frequency Universal Building Access Card

Pleasanton, California (EastBayDaily) — idOnDemand, the pioneers in smart identification, will debut the first universal building and IT access card that supports more than 30 building access card systems at ASIS 56th Annual Seminar and Exhibits. idOnDemand is in booth 2966 at the industry conference, which takes place October 12-15 in Dallas, Texas.

The idOnDemand SmartID™ solution provides a single identity card for access to all company buildings, regardless of the building access system, enabling seamless employee admittance and migration. In addition to building access, these cards also offer integrated smart card capabilities for secure access to IT systems, delivering truly universal access.

The reprogrammable card is U.S. government EAL4+ certified and supports the latest IT and security access card standards with compatible support for legacy proximity systems such as HID®, Honeywell®, Indala®, Casi®, Hitag®, Keri Systems and MIFARE®. Modern high frequency security card formats based on ISO14443 such as FIPS 201, CAK, PLAID and many others, are also supported. Organizations that are using proximity badges for door access can quickly and easily implement increased security by moving to a standards-based idOnDemand SmartID™ that enhances their physical security while extending government-grade security to IT systems.

“With the high number of mergers and acquisitions, organizations have been looking for an inexpensive way to migrate employee access to enterprise resources, building and IT resources, while increasing security,” said Jason Hart, Chief Executive Officer at idOnDemand. “With idOnDemand’s new smart ID universal building and IT access card, this is finally achievable and affordable. ASIS conference attendees will get a first look at this powerful solution.”

Organizations wishing to roll out the idOnDemand SmartID™ card quickly, simply, and at a lower cost than traditional solutions, can take advantage of idOnDemand’s managed identity service. Using this service, cards can be programmed and delivered overnight from idOnDemand’s secure data centers, or programmed on-site.

The idOnDemand SmartID™ universal card is available both on a stand-alone basis and as part of idOnDemand’s managed identity service; volume discounts are available. As a special ASIS promotion, attendees who stop by idOnDemand’s booth can receive a coupon to purchase the cards for $6.90 each, as well as enter to win a free idOnDemand SmartID™ deployment.

About idOnDemand idOnDemand empowers organizations with a single globally trusted identity card that protects corporate information and resources no matter where they reside. One single identity card to access buildings, login to IT resources, access VPN or wireless networks, interact with secure email, encrypt critical business information and even extend organizational security to external cloud service providers.

Unlike traditional smart card and Public Key Infrastructure systems, idOnDemand is hosted, simplifying the complex production, delivery and management infrastructure of a FIPS 201 smart card into a simple “pay-as-you-go” business model. idOnDemand has offices in the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom. For more information,



Brooke Holve