iExplorer: The Parent’s Cure For The Cell Phone Game Daze

Fremont, California (EastBayDaily) — A main concern for parents these days is their children spending too much time playing their video games, watching television, or perusing the internet. They want to encourage them to go outside and use their imaginations rather than see them get put into a trance by the glow of a monitor. Modish introduces their latest solution, one that will certainly put all parents’ worrying to ease, the iExplorer.

iExplorer is a smartphone case that has a magnifying micro lens on it. This micro lens allows the camera on your phone to zoom in up to 20X the regular zoom. Kids will want to put down the controllers and go explore and investigate their own yards. iExplorer captures some really interesting and fun photos or videos.

Parents will no longer have to rely on mind numbing games or random videos to entertain their children, because now they can let them become an explorer no matter where they go. The case is easy to put on and remove for when you do not want to have the micro lens. You can still use any phone case you wish, just keep the iExplorer in your bag or car ready for action. Just snap iExplorer on the next time they ask to play with your phone and see how much better it really is than games. It’s lightweight and durable so you can easily take it anywhere with you.

“The iExplorer will really change how people feel about young children playing with smartphones,” shares Mike Rothstein, Chief Active Thinker, “It really sparks their imagination and inspires creativity. We can’t allow their generation to miss out on enjoying their childhood and the world around them.” He believes that while technology is an incredible privilege that greatly enhances our lives, we can’t get caught up and be blind to the stimulating world around us. “We should promote using smart devices for not only educational reasons, but also to make learning fun.” Modish’s iExplorer is available for purchase on’s online store for $19.99.

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