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In what could be seen as the update that sparked an all-out Internet riot, Google has launched "Search, plus your World," which pours personal social results into public search listings. The catch is that it only factors in personal Google social graphs, leaving Facebook and Twitter, arguably the more active social networks, out in the cold.

Although the use of keywords on website pages and in the anchor text of inbound links remains important for SEO, search engines are increasingly using a site's branding, visitor behavior and social data. This is The New SEO.

This could prove to be an even bigger search engine development than Google's infamous Panda update, which aimed to remove sites with low-quality content. Why? Because it's easier to write good content (or at least, hire someone to write good content) than it is to get people to share content.Google's new Panda update has changed SEO and it appears to include user behavior and (possibly) branding data.

But even if they aren't considered at all by Panda, these factors are considered by Google's main algorithm.

So it's wise to consider them in SEO planning.

To become a leader in any niche's SERPs one has to be a leading brand in said niche.

That's branding.

To stay a leader, visitors from SERPs are going to have to like what they find on the site, probably stay on it and certainly not return to the SERP that brought them.

That's user behavior.

Engagement – that's comments, mentions, sharing and links from social media (Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus , StumbleUpon, Digg, etc) – will increasingly be used to rank and verify ranking.

That's social.

The old SEO factors of on-page optimization, site build and inbound links with target keywords in the anchor are still important.

But branding, behavior and social data now count too. And will likely count more in the future as search engines learn how to use them.

All this means the user experience is now at the heart of SEO.

This is the New SEO

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