In the Midst of the Applebee’s Pastor Tipping Fiasco, Popular Waiter Blog Stuck Serving Officially Launches Book Exposing “Shocking True Stories From Waiters Everywhere”

Oakland, California (EastBayDaily) — Popular waiter blog is officially launching a Kindle version of their book, Stuck Serving. It is comprised of over 300 real world stories by waiters from around the world and is sure to blow the lid off what it is really like working in the service industry.

If you think 10% tips are bad…how about people spitting in your hand for waiting too long? Or being handed some freshly clipped toenails?

Ever since this site formed waiters, waitresses, bartenders, hostesses, bus boys, and managers from all areas of the world have been sharing their tales of outrageous customers, awkward first dates, big jerks, drunken escapades, crazy chefs, and the fat tips that make it all worth while.

After years of success online and a following that is growing more and more each day, the popular website has decided to offer an official press release announcing their book’s availability on The site was started by a young engaged couple who met while working in the service industry. After having difficulty finding jobs after graduating college the idea for the site was born. It quickly became popular as a place for servers to vent and share their frustrations about serving crazy customers and the often hilarious situations that arise by working in this industry. All stories are submitted by real waiters and waitresses. The site also covers restaurant industry news.

Stuck Serving provides a true snap shot of the modern dining environment (which as popular news stories are showing, could use some tweaking) and is available for instant download in the Kindle Store on

Interviews welcome!

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Stuck Serving

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