In Wake of Case IV Thicket, IP Checkups Announces Plans to Crowdsource Public Non-Practicing Entity (NPE) Tracker

Berkeley, California (EastBayDaily) — IP Checkups, a boutique patent analytics firm, launched Case IV Thicket last month, an Indiegogo crowdfunded project designed to expose Intellectual Ventures’ hidden patent portfolio and make it freely available to the public. Funding for the project closed last week at $13,580 – short of the $80,000 fundraising goal.

Despite this setback, Case IV Thicket has received an immense outpouring of support from IP stakeholders, academics, and media outlets alike (see articles in the WSJ, VentureBeat, and CNET). Because of this public support, IP Checkups has decided to proceed with a modified version of the Case IV Thicket project.

“After listening to feedback from our crowdfunding efforts, we have decided to extend Case IV Thicket to track non-practicing entities in all forms. This includes patent assertion entities like Intellectual Ventures and Acacia, defensive patent aggregators like RPX, and research institutions like WARF and CSIRO,” said Matt Rappaport, founder and CEO of IP Checkups. “This online compendium of NPE patent holdings, called the NPE Tracker, will help stimulate a more efficient and transparent patent marketplace.”

“Though we did not reach our funding targets, members of the patent community have offered free research services to further our investigation into non practicing entities,” said Lily Li, director of marketing and business development at IP Checkups. “As a result, we can complete this project through engaging our own network of patent professionals, and by crowdsourcing business intelligence from the public.”

A beta version of the NPE tracker will be available online by the end of January and will feature the initial stages of IP Checkups’ research. The general public can contact IP Checkups at info(at)ipcheckups(dot)com, subject “NPE Tracker,” for updates on the project and ways to get involved.

About IP Checkups: IP Checkups was founded in 2004 as a boutique patent analytics firm. The company offers custom patent portfolio and technology analysis to corporate clients, investors, research institutions, and universities. IP Checkups PatentCAM™ subscriptions combine custom intellectual asset management and patent search services with powerful web-based software solutions enabling companies to identify, analyze, manage, monitor and update patent information relevant to their technology and markets.


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IP Checkups

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