Independent Adoption Center Welcomes Increase in LGBT Adoptions

Pleasant Hill, California (EastBayDaily) — It’s becoming clearer that the most important ingredient when it comes to good parenting is a loving and supportive family. According to the Independent Adoption Center (IAC), there has been a growing trend in open adoption of children by lesbian, gay male, bisexual and transgendered (LGBT) families – and for good reasons.

“We have a long and proud tradition of working with LGBT families and every year our numbers are growing stronger,” said Ryan Schwab, Director of Marketing. “We strongly believe that sexual orientation, gender identity or expression does not affect a person’s ability to parent, and one of the most important things to a birthparent is finding a family that is loving, caring, genuine and believes in open adoption.”

The Independent Adoption Center says that one reason for this increase in LGBT adoption is the growing acceptance by adoption agencies such as the IAC, which has been the US’s trusted leader in gay adoption since the organization’s inception in 1982.

“It’s hard to believe that 15 months ago we were walking into the IAC office for the first time hoping to find a way to parenthood,” said Mike and Ron, a gay couple who adopted through IAC. “We were met with open arms, enthusiastic encouragement and a cautious dose of realism. We have felt nothing but complete support from everyone in the organization and can’t say enough about the IAC’s courage and commitment to help us make our family a reality.”

Another reason the IAC believes open adoption by LGBT families is growing, is the positive awareness that is spreading among birthparents about LGBT parenting and the education that IAC provides. Several recent studies have shown that children raised by LGBT families have similar or better outcomes than children raised by heterosexual families. When birthparents have questions about LGBT parenting, the IAC provides them with this information.

“Birthparents are in control of what family they choose for the child throughout the entire process,” said Katie Chavira, Birthparent Services Supervisor. “We help them understand all of their adoption options and educate them about LGBT parenting whenever possible. We’re seeing more and more that birthparents are open to placing their baby with a wonderful LGBT family.”

Some of the benefits the IAC provides for LGBT couples and singles looking into adopting a baby include sending LGBT family profiles to birthparents unless they specifically ask otherwise, counseling on LGBT parenting, background on legal information state by state, access to the IAC’s LGBT online support group and much more.

For more information about open adoption, please contact IAC at (855) 210-6205 or go to

About Independent Adoption Center

Independent Adoption Center (IAC) provides open adoption placement and counseling to birth and adoptive families to ensure that every child grows up feeling loved and supported. Since opening in 1982, the IAC has successfully placed over 4,000 newborns with families in the United States.


Erin Grimm