InfoExpress Introduces Managed NAC Service, Delivering Proven Technology and Expertise to Preserve Limited Staff Resources

Mountain View, California (EastBayDaily) — InfoExpress, a leading network security solutions provider, today announced the availability of the InfoExpress Compliance, Authorization, and Rogue Enforcement (CARE) service, a comprehensive managed service for Network Access Control (NAC) deployment and operation, including host integrity, guest access, and endpoint compliance. InfoExpress CARE lets organizations deploy NAC for their LANs, VPNs and wireless networks at a reduced cost without increasing staff workload.

Tailored to each customer’s needs, InfoExpress CARE provides the flexibility to meet the requirements of a wide variety of organizations. Customers can choose to outsource one or all of the NAC specific services, including installation, policy creation and updates, patch management, on-going operations, and reporting. The customized deployments are delivered quickly and easily by a team of NAC experts.

Current InfoExpress customers using the CARE service have reported significant benefits, including:

“Leveraging the technical team from InfoExpress ensures that our CyberGatekeeper NAC solution is optimized. We now have the peace of mind that comes with having a high level of security for our users.”

“Through the CARE service, NAC has become a critical part of our security policy as we have added the CyberGatekeeper client into our corporate image for staff requiring remote access. “

“The CARE team was able to quickly develop multiple compliance reports that we later integrated into our backend databases to create a security dashboard. In conjunction with CyberGatekeeper’s auditing function we are able to determine the state of endpoint compliance in real-time as well as verify and update endpoints as necessary.”

Benefits Include Resource- and Cost-Efficiency Despite the need to move forward with their NAC projects, CISOs and IT managers at many organizations are overloaded and are struggling to allocate resources. InfoExpress CARE managed service solves this dilemma by:     Providing experts to ensure resource-efficient, worry-free NAC delivery.     Maintaining NAC without increasing internal IT staff.     Offering a highly customizable solution to complement any company’s budget.

“Even with IT budget and staff limitations, organizations still need to move forward with their NAC initiatives,” said Stacey Lum, CEO of InfoExpress. “With InfoExpress CARE, a custom NAC solution is quickly and easily deployed by our team of experts. This frees our customers to work on their existing operations, with the assurance that their networks are safeguarded by NAC.”

Once NAC has been deployed, unauthorized users are identified and quarantined, policies to update firewall settings are enforced, anti-virus and patch levels are updated, and management receives reports on the status. The result is a working NAC solution that’s installed without downtime or disruption to users.

Availability InfoExpress CARE is available immediately. Pricing can be established on an annual fee or a per-endpoint annual basis based on the scope of work. The full managed service, including installation services, policy maintenance and infrastructure and remediation management, is available for a monthly user fee with no license costs.

About InfoExpress CyberGatekeeper The InfoExpress CyberGatekeeper family of products control access to the network by auditing all devices before granting access to the network. The solution is fully scalable and interoperates smoothly with a wide range of other products. The CyberGatekeeper appliance can easily be deployed in monitor mode giving organizations the option to remediate endpoints “on the fly” without having to restrict access to users.

About InfoExpress InfoExpress network security solutions protect enterprise networks and the endpoints connecting to them. The company has provided network access control solutions since 2000. At the core of InfoExpress solution is the award winning Dynamic NAC Software Suite, which ensures endpoints are safe and compliant with security policies by performing real-time audits and quarantining of all network-attached endpoints. InfoExpress products have received numerous awards for innovation. The privately held company is headquartered in Mountain View, California.


Andrew Miller