Innovative DUI Trial Tools by Bruce Kapsack Available from James Publishing, Inc.

Oakland, California (EastBayDaily) — Bruce Kapsack’s latest book Innovative DUI Trial Tools is available this month from James Publishing. Mr. Kapsack, the senior partner at Kapsack and Bair, LLP, is one of the nation’s leading DUI attorneys. He is Board Certified in DUI law by the National College of DUI Defense and one of its Regents. Bruce Kapsack originated many of the DUI defense strategies used throughout the country, and he continues his cutting-edge innovations in his latest work.

Innovative DUI Trial Tools (ISBN 1-58012-129-2) by Bruce Kapsack is a combination book and CD set available from James Publishing James Publishing for $99.00.

Innovative DUI Trial Tools provides ready-to-use DUI evidence and arguments that helps attorneys new to DUI law and those with extensive DUI defense experience deliver the type of defense their clients want at a price they can afford. This one-of-a-kind book from one of the country’s top DUI defense lawyers provides creative evidence, forms, arguments, and cross-examination questions ready for implementation.

Innovative DUI Trial Tools includes sections that cover DUI defense opening arguments to closing statements. Bruce Kapsack teaches not only how to handle procedural evidence, but also technical DUI defense such as false BAC readings due to diabetes, hypoglycemia, and GERD, presenting a rising alcohol defense, and improper administration of horizontal gaze nystagmus (HGN). In Innovative DUI Trial Tools, Bruce Kapsack teaches how to systematically challenge Standard Field Sobriety Tests (SFSTs). No DUI lawyer’s bookshelf is complete without a copy of Innovative DUI Trial Tools.

Bruce Kapsack is the senior partner of Kapsack and Bair, LLP. Northern California’s largest law firm devoted to DUI defense. My. Kapsack is a Regent of the National College for DUI Defense, and one of its first members to obtain Board Certification in DUI defense law. He has worked or lectured with virtually every nationally-known expert in the DUI arena, and his DUI lectures for the California State Bar and the California Public Defenders are among the best attended in the state. Mr. Kapsack’s also contributes to the online blog DUI Defender.


Daniel Schulman
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