Innovative Energy Savings Program from WattzOn Saves U.S. Military Families 15% on Energy Bills

Mountain View, California (EastBayDaily) — WattzOn, the personal energy management platform, announced today the results from an innovative program that helps military families reduce energy use and lower energy expenses. To date, the program has been active in 5,600 military family homes, saving residents 15 percent off their energy bills or about $250 per home per year. WattzOn partnered with Balfour Beatty Communities, a provider of property services for military housing, to develop and deliver the energy savings program, under the name Switch4Good. Through personal behavioral recommendations, the program puts money back into the pockets of military families and defines the path to smart energy habits.

The Energy Policy Act of 2005 mandated all branches of the United States Armed Forces to reduce overall energy consumption by 30% by 2015. On-base housing can make up to 25% of military base energy use, so finding ways to reduce residential energy consumption is a key part of meeting that goal.

“Military families face a number of challenges when saving energy: frequent moves; frequent travel for deployments and training; rental housing; young families; and more. During the past few years, as the military has focused on reducing its energy footprint, on-base homes have become individually metered, and residents billed for energy use. Unfortunately, this can increase stress, and we’re delighted to offer an antidote.” said WattzOn co-founder and CEO Martha Amram. “WattzOn has proven that when families are provided actionable energy tips, personalized through the use of smart meter data, they can really save. This program puts money back into military families’ pockets.”

WattzOn’s energy management platform is particularly useful when renters are involved, because of its capability to focus on behaviors and habits that provide no-cost ways to save. Starting in the first month after joining the program, families experience immediate savings by using specific recommendations to change their behaviors at home. This builds a foundation for energy saving habits that military members can use at home, bring to work and when they move off base.

“We’re delighted with the success of WattzOn’s energy management platform in the military community,“ said Amram, “and look forward to expanding it to other bases and residential communities. Sixty-five million homes will have smart meters by 2015, and the innovative solutions from WattzOn are a great fit as it makes that massive amount of data insightful and actionable.”

About WattzOn:

WattzOn is a personal energy management platform that helps companies, communities and individuals to save money and energy. By combining advanced technology, behavioral science and powerful data and analytics, the company provides innovative energy management solutions for consumers, businesses and government agencies. The company has plans to roll out similar programs at military bases around the country.

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