InspX Announces 60% Improvement In Bone Detection With Triple Beam Pipeline X-Ray

Fremont, California (EastBayDaily) — Three months of extensive testing at a leading US food company shows that the InspX triple beam X-Ray pipeline inspection system improves chicken bone detection by 60% over single beam X-Ray systems. These test results were achieved in real-world conditions using a triple-beam ScanTrac Fermata 4” pipeline inspection system, which is capable of operating at speeds up to 500 gallons per minute. One of the benefits of pipeline inspection is uniform product presentation, which ensures a consistent high-quality X-Ray image that increases the probability of detection for bones and other pieces of foreign material. InspX has further enhanced the benefits of pipeline inspection with its triple beam ScanTrac X-Ray technology.

Bones in meat applications present several inspection challenges. Bone fragments are typically small and asymmetric in shape. The InspX ScanTrac triple beam X-Ray architecture excels in detecting such fragments because multiple dimensions of the contaminant are presented for inspection. In a triple beam system, any foreign material where at least one dimension meets the minimum detection threshold will be accurately detected. This improvement in detection resolution is achieved without any increase in false rejects or tradeoff in inspection speed. Additionally, InspX has developed special software for bone detection that further enhances inspection efficacy. The result is superior bone detection at full line speeds.

In this specific test, the number of bones found using an X-Ray inspection system on the final packaged product was compared when using an upstream single beam pipeline system versus an upstream triple beam pipeline system. The smaller amount of uniform product being inspected in the final packaged product allows for greater inspection resolution and thus this is an ideal way to compare test results for single beam versus triple beam pipeline systems. The triple beam Fermata pipeline system consistently removed 60% more bones than the single beam Fermata system over the complete 3 month duration of the test.

To learn more about InspX solutions for meat inspection, please see where you can request a white paper detailing the advantages of InspX ScanTrac triple beam X-Ray inspection.

About Peco Controls and InspX LLC Peco Controls and InspX LLC are leading providers of advanced technology inspection solutions for the food and beverage industries. With headquarters in Fremont, CA, the company serves customers around the world and inspects over 120 million food and beverage containers daily. The company specializes in accurate high speed package inspection in machines that are easy to use with a low cost of ownership.


Allan Anderson