Insurance Policies Search Tool Now Includes State Level High Risk Providers at Car Company Website

Oakland, California (EastBayDaily) — State insurance agents that provide minimum protection insurance usually help to satisfy the needs of standard drivers with good driving histories. The Auto Pros company is now helping a larger percentage of the U.S. population considered higher risk by insurers. The insurance policies search tool is now active online to present high risk providers at

The new research that is offered at the state level is supplying one solution for car owners to search a range of companies at the same time. The high risk plans that are offered include bonded policies that are often required for a driver who has a higher risk of accidents or claims filings.

"All quotations that are delivered with the use of our system are meant to help drivers calculate exact costs for risk level plans in the U.S," said one source at the Auto Pros company.

The policies search tool is currently setup to produce a wide range of options to motorists who are starting to search on the Internet for insurance products. The SR22 and other plans that are offered are combined with standard insurer coverage options that are quotable using minimal driver information.

"Our system provides a benefit to all users because no types of data are collected apart from a simple zip code to produce the viewable quotations," said the source.

The Auto Pros company website has been changed this year to include different options for public research of insurance agencies and auto parts companies. A new system that is programmed to categorize car warranty companies is now open for public use at


The company is one of the national sources to locate auto parts pricing and insurance products on the Internet. This company has devoted its online presence to alert consumers to price drops and other discounts found in the automotive industry. The is fully staffed by trained specialists who update the auto information each day on the company website. The programmed tools that are used by the public feature automated updates for content and pricing. The different resources used by this company to collect pricing data changes monthly.


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