Intriguing Book Looks into the Fascinating Life of a ‘Country Lawyer’

Moraga, California (EastBayDaily) — Do small towns handle legal matters in the same way that cities do? Author George Kilbourne who brought readers “When We Were Young,” brings to them another memorable read that will let them look into the life and experiences of a “Country Lawyer.”

After practicing law in the San Francisco Bay Area for five years, and then moving to a small town in Indiana, it never ceases to amaze the author as to the difference in legal concerns and the real life situations that exist between the two. It was as if he had stepped back into another and prior century. Now, over fifty years later, the composition and the character of the legal matters he has handled loom large in retrospect. They reflect the raw side of life that a "country lawyer" had to deal with in stark contrast to what he had left and what he returned to in the city practice.

“Country Lawyer” is a collection of cases, and discussion of circumstances as encountered in practice and on day-to-day situation reflecting day-to-day concerns and reactions to people and true life as it existed half a century ago. It gives readers a fascinating glimpse of what a country lawyer’s life is like and how the legal concerns differed from the city.

Country Lawyer By George Kilbourne Softcover | $19.99 | 291 pages | ISBN 9781462876327 Hardcover | $29.99 | 291 pages | ISBN 9781462876334 EBook | $9.99 | ISBN 9781462876341

About the Author Born and raised in a small town in Eastern Kentucky, author George Kilbourne served in the Marine Corps in WWII in the South Pacific before returning to the states to go to school. After getting a degree in mechanical engineering at the University, he moved to the West Coast to work for a large corporation as an engineer. A bout with tuberculosis forced a vacation that caused a change in life perspective, and allowed the getting of a law degree at the University of California – Berkeley, and subsequent law practice in Berkeley, before moving to a small town in Indiana for law practice. Six years there, with cases coming in that reflected the difference in life style, he returned to Berkeley and the San Francisco Bay Area, where he now lives in retirement.

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