Introducing ABC’s with Bingzy Bee: Phonics, the 1st App for Kids to Teach the Letters and Sounds of the Alphabet in a Song

Oakland, California (EastBayDaily) — Arlene Richards, the creator of Bingzy’s ABC Song and co-founder of Bing Note, spent over 40 years teaching children, both in the classroom and one-on-one. Bingzy’s ABC Song was used in the classroom for decades with proven success. It was a success, because the students enjoyed the song so much, that they were singing the letters and sounds of the alphabet in no time, with very little effort. The song became a turning point for many children, and was used as the beginning step to reading. Now, this powerful learning tool, Bingzy's ABC Song, has been developed into the 1st animated app for kids that teaches both the letters and sounds of the alphabet.

ABC’s with Bingzy Bee: Phonics is a teaching app for kids, so it first teaches the letters and sounds of the alphabet through an animated storyline, featuring Bingzy's ABC Song. Then, there are games to reinforce what the child has learned. The song can be learned in 4 sections or in its entirety. A game follows each section.

The alphabet sounds are pronounced by a professionally trained teacher in phonetics. Richards says, “When educating young children, it’s important for them to hear the correct sounds of the alphabet, so they can easily transition to reading.”

Bing Note has taken a powerful learning tool, Bingzy’s ABC Song, developed a storyline, incorporated vivid graphics and animation, and then added interactive games to make learning the alphabet even more fun and relevant for today’s child.

FEATURES:     An animated story of Bingzy the Bee, happily skipping along in the forest with balloons. A monkey spots Bingzy and notices something on the balloons. The curious monkey pops the balloons and letters fall out with the names and sounds of Bingzy’s friends in the forest. Bingzy and the monkey soon become friends.

    Bingzy’s ABC Song is an original, catchy song that will have kids singing the letters and sounds all day long. NOTE: The song can be addictive.

    Vivid animation and graphics that will keep young children entertained.

    Letter Drag & Drop Game helps to reinforce the letters and their sounds of the alphabet learned in the song.

    Bingzy To The Rescue Game helps kids learn the sequence of the alphabet.

    A scoring system helps to monitor and track the progress of the child.

    Available on the iPhone and iPod.

About Bing Note

Bing Note is an educational company, focusing on educating young children between the ages of 2-6, in an innovative and fun way. Music is such a powerful learning tool, and songs, rhymes, and rhythm are used in Bing Note's educational materials to teach children basic skills. The products are primarily developed by educators with numerous years of teaching experience in the classroom. Bing Note believes children should have fun learning new skills. Once this happens, they will naturally develop a love for learning. As children develop a love for learning, they become more self-confident in themselves and what they can achieve. Bing Note inspires children to learn, laugh, and love. For more information about Bing Note, please contact Lisa Love at 510-332-0779 or lisa(at)bingnote(dot)com.


Lisa Love
Bing Note