Introducing the MiniVAP Vaporizer by Slide4less, Oakland, CA

Oakland, California (EastBayDaily) — The new MiniVAP by Hermes Medical Engineering SL. is the pinnacle of vaporization technology. This unit employs a unique new method coupled with specialized materials to produce an effect and efficiency that is unmatched by any other vaporizer. The MiniVAP is imported and distributed by Slide4less Inc, an Oakland CA based Corporation.

“The MiniVAP has the best heat exchanger on the market”, said Darren Romar co-owner of Slide4less Inc. “This amazing machine can replace the heat accurately in a way that surpasses any other method for heat exchange on the market. Hermes miniaturizes the process resulting in the most advanced portable vaporizer ever conceived” he continued.

Mr Romar maintains that this is the best on the market in terms of technical proficiency. “The MiniVAP is the new standard in vaporization technology.” he said. “Engineered from the ground up, Hermes employs entirely new proprietary processes to create a vaporizer that is unique and unmatched anywhere in the world” Romar continued.

The MiniVAP is a portable vaporizer that provides the user with a new way to vaporize using only the best on the market. Romar explained that the key to a vaporizer is maintaining the temperature of the heat flow. Hermes process not only introduces a revolutionary heat exchange method, it uses all new materials and design that allows the MiniVAP to hold constant heat flow temperature with variable air flows and endure a multitude of circumstances.

“The control of the Hermes machine is incredible” said Romar.. “That’s what effective vaporization is all about. Few vaporizers can truly maintain the heat in the chamber, and holding the temperature within plus minus one degree Celsius is an undeniable show of accuracy, and achieving it in a portable is nothing short of incredible.”

The heat is displaced as the air flows through the device, almost regardless of how fast the flow is. Romar said , “This incredible capacity is achieved with much lower temperature requirements than any other vaporizer.” The key, according to Romar, is the materials and the unique design. Romar says that it is possible to even further miniaturize the patented heat exchange method.

The MiniVAP is imported and distributed in North America by Slide4less Inc. through an exclusive arrangement with Hermes Medical Engineering SL., Spain.

For more information about the all new MiniVAP see Slide4less’ wholesale vaporizer website at or calling 1-800-659-8731.


Steve Steinberg

Darren Romar
Slide4Less Inc.