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Concord, California (EastBayDaily) — Welcome to Auto Electric & Fuel Auto Repair in Concord, CA. Auto Electric and Fuel Auto Repair is proud to provide auto repair for the Concord area and the area around Concord. We specialize in Automotive Electrical Repair and Computer Diagnosis for all makes and models. Whether motorists need a simple Auto Tune Up or more immediate repairs, Auto Electric & Fuel Auto Repair guarantees to fix any car’s problems correctly the first time, since diagnostic devices specialized on wiring problems are part of our standard equipment. Auto Electric problems count for the vast majority of all vehicle issues. Taking into account that all modern vehicles are run by computers, which need to be connected to thousand of sensors, this finding is no surprise. Electronics enable unprecedented functionality such as hybrid power or safety functions like airbags, ABS or stability control, just to name a few. Maintenance jobs like a tune-up used to mean getting the engine’s performance back on track. Today embedded software takes care of it by checking constantly thousands of sensor signals compensating for worn out spark plugs, clogged filters, etc. The so-called limp-home function lets you drive on limited power when your engine is in trouble. In the old days this might have meant a break down.

In addition to increased safety, drive-ability, performance and fuel efficiency, on- and off-board computers allow for a preventive maintenance schedule, which can be highly personalized. Driver behavior, vehicle type dependent service intervals for severe and normal conditions account for a wide range of service intervals. Sometimes the difference between the severe and normal service interval can be 5,000 miles. Thus a personalized service schedule, which is based on how the motorist drives, can save hundreds of dollars annually. For exact amounts savings calculators are available. Create an account and try the one from AutoVitals. Once connected to the selected shop one can even track the service history and subscribe to recall alerts.

As Auto Electric and Fuel Auto Repair’s customers’ testimonials illustrate, we have the right skills and tools to help any motorist’s vehicle.

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