Inzopa, a Stealth Technology Start-Up, Crowd-Sources $1 Billion in Mortgage and Real Estate Data for San Francisco Alone

Fremont, California (EastBayDaily) — According to the National Association of Realtors, 90 percent of homebuyers rely on the Internet for their home search. We believe this trend also applies to homebuyers searching for real estate agents and mortgage officers. With everything that’s available to those looking for their dream home, often buyers find themselves overwhelmed with choices. Newly founded last year and launching on February 5, Fremont, Calif.-based Inzopa makes it possible for homebuyers to connect with best local real estate agents and mortgage brokers because of who they are, where they are, what they can offer, and how they are connected. Inzopa has also streamlined this process to benefit all involved in the home buying process, from homebuyers and owners to lenders and agents. Now, local lenders, realtors, transactions, email exchange, and financial data can all be found in one place. With the online community having such a driving force in the real estate market, Inzopa is quickly proving to be the future source of the home buying process as an easy resource for both consumers and financial institutions to securely access everything at their fingertips.

Even though Inzopa is in Private Beta, it has, crowd-sourced data of over 1,500 real estate and mortgage transactions in the San Francisco Bay Area alone. These transactions represent over $1 Billion worth of market activity. This transaction data will help Inzopa match a homebuyer with the best-fit local real estate agent and mortgage officer.

The Inzopa team is pleased to have already signed some of the top professionals from Sotheby's International, Prudential, Coldwell Banker, Zephyr, Paragon RE, FPF Financial, Guaranteed Mortgage, American Pacific Mortgage, CMG Mortgage and more.

Currently, Inzopa is focused on the California market. The company’s expects exponential growth within the next few years, as it is gearing up to spread throughout all major cities in the United States and beyond.

Inzopa is truly the first of its kind in today’s marketplace with no direct competitors. There is no other resource available that serves to connect all involved in the home buying process in one place with a customized experience. Inzopa’s true competition comes down to paper, fax and emails or traditional lead generated engines.

“With all of the social networks and consumer finance websites out there, I was baffled that there wasn’t a solution to help with one of the most painful yet rewarding things in life,” said Charanjeet Ajmani, founder and CEO of Inzopa. “And that’s buying a house.”

Ajmani, who has an extensive background in both the real estate and wealth management realm, found himself in search of a lender to fulfill his needs during his own house hunting experience. He quickly realized there was a missing element throughout his search, as the websites he was perusing only provided him with product information leading to sponsored venders. He was looking for a lender that could meet his needs and wanted to know who he was sharing his financial information with throughout the process. He desired a tool that provided a tailored experience with access to lenders and their transaction history all in a secure environment. That’s when Inzopa was born. In addition to Ajmani, the team behind Inzopa includes the brains behind Apple, Zynga and Bank of America.

Inzopa’s business model benefits all parties involved. Not only does it provide a free service for consumers to find reputable lenders in their desired neighborhood, it helps loan officers gain recognition among their targeted audience. Financial institutions that work with Inzopa are simply charged a subscription fee. Inzopa is fueled by both the consumer’s financial data and the loan officer’s transaction history, as the data generates itself on the platform with user input to create the desired personalized experience.

About Inzopa

Inzopa is a private network of homebuyers, owners, lenders and agents. This free platform features financial data, transactions and local lenders all in one place. Taking away the scattered communications when purchasing a home loan or refinancing, Inzopa takes time out of the process by providing access to everything at once, allowing users to build a private and secure financial network. Inzopa is located in Fremont, Calif. Learn more at and follow them on Twitter @Inzopa, Facebook and LinkedIn.


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