IP Checkups Releases CleanTech PatentEdge Quarterly, Spotlight on Green Nanomaterials


Berkeley, California (EastBayDaily) — IP Checkups, a Berkeley-based boutique patent analytics firm, today released the CleanTech PatentEdge (CTPE) Quarterly, a report on the latest trends in cleantech patent filings.

According to the report, cleantech patent filings in the United States have increased 40% annually since 2010, following a sharp decline in patent filings from 2007-2009. Much of this growth is driven by innovation in renewable energy generation, particularly solar and biofuels. In 2010, renewable energy generation accounted for 8464 patent filings in the US, followed by energy storage (5863 patent filings) and efficiency innovations (5634 patent filings).

Companies that file the most cleantech patents worldwide include automobile manufacturers like Honda, Toyota, and Nissan. In the United States, automobile makers also have a strong position in cleantech (Honda, Toyota, GM, and Nissan). Recent clean air initiatives and fuel mileage standards are the likely cause of these automobile innovations.

The CTPE Quarterly spotlights green nanomaterials as an emerging sector in cleantech. Universities and other research institutions like University of California, Tsinghua University, and Japan Science & Technology Corporation all have robust patent portfolios in this space. For the United States in particular, government plays a large role in the development of green nanomaterials, with the Department of Energy and U.S. Navy as two of the top patent holders in the space.

The full report is available at: http://www.cleantechpatentedge.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/CTPE-Quarterly-10-2012.pdf.zip

Data for the CTPE Quarterly is provided by IP Checkups’ CleanTech PatentEdge, an online database of over 1.6 million cleantech patents in 150 market categories. For more information, please visit: http://www.cleantechpatentedge.com.

About IP Checkups

IP Checkups was founded in 2004 as a boutique patent analytics firm. The company offers custom patent portfolio and technology analysis to corporate clients, investors, research institutions, and universities. IP Checkups combines custom intellectual asset management and patent search services with powerful web-based software solutions enabling companies to identify, analyze, manage, monitor and update patent information relevant to their technology and markets. Check out the CleanTech PatentEdge blog for latest patent publications, industry news, and cleantech events.


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