January 2014 Underground Construction (UCT) Technology Conference Combines Latest Trenchless Education and Design Excellence

Alameda, California (EastBayDaily) — Houston's 2014 (UCT) Underground Construction conference closed with great teamwork and new associations. Prior to the start of this year's conference the International Pipe Bursting Association (IPBA) held its Annual Meeting in the Houston Hilton adjoining the George R Brown Convention Center. Prior to the meeting, TRIC Tools set up their 20 ton pipe bursting lateral equipment in the Rehab Showcase. Of the many items discussed during the IPBA Annual meeting, two items of note were discussed: more pipe bursting articles were needed to help market the association to members at large; and the announcement of the formation of a Lateral Pipe Bursting Association will be introduced at the February Pumper Cleaner Show to be held at the Indianapolis Convention Center.

On Tuesday, January 28th and Wednesday, January 29th, IPBA held two mornings of educational white paper presentations. One of the most interesting presentations during these sessions was the chronicle of Casselberry, FL where 35 miles of Asbestos Cement Water main were replaced via pipe bursting. Earlier that same morning TRIC Tools' CFO, Michael Lien, presented a white paper on "California's Boom in Lateral Sewer Replacement" by pipe bursting.

Behind Exhibitors booths on the main floor, NASSCO's Pipe Rehab Showcase proved to be another area of educational interest. The area took the visitor beneath the streets showcasing ancient pipe material from the late 1880's era up to current technologies for inspecting and upgrading underground pipes using various technologies from chemical grouting, root control, pipe lining, mainline cameras and pipe bursting. At the conclusion of the conference many exhibitors remained behind to "pitch-in" during the disassembly of the Rehab Zone. "It was great to see various vendors 'pitch-in', pack-up and load the zone up prior to running off to catch their plane home," said TRIC's Michael Lien.

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Michael Lien


Michael Lien