JH Technologies Announces New Classroom Support Program

Fremont, California (EastBayDaily) — JH Technologies is making learning in the laboratory as easy as flipping a switch, thanks to a new support program that offers free setup, training and preventative maintenance on new microscopes purchased by higher-learning institutions.

The program will provide students a firm foundation in microscope use, save time and effort for professors and laboratory workers and allow participating two-year colleges and four-year universities to avoid spending scarce funds on equipment maintenance and other costs.

“It’s more important than ever for those with the desire to learn about science and technology to have access to the best equipment available,” said John Hubascz, CEO of JH Technologies. “Knowing how to use that equipment properly—and having the peace of mind that it will keep working—is an important first step.”

JH Technologies, a major national optics and microscopy distributor with more than 25 years of experience in the field, is already known for making access to advanced scientific equipment easier for young students. The company has donated dozens of microscopes through its iFuSe program, which collects new, used and broken microscopes, then repairs and delivers them at no cost to educational programs from kindergarten through high school.

Now JH Technologies is offering an extensive support program as a standard part of college and university purchases of a range of 2014 compound and stereo microscopes and Leica cameras. The free support includes assembling and testing of equipment, training faculty and staff on equipment components and proper operation—with training materials provided at no cost—a seminar by JH Technologies specialists on microscopy history and course-relevant uses, plus two years of annual preventive maintenance, including cleaning, condenser setting, and comprehensive functionality testing.

For more information on JHTechnologies' microscope classroom support program, please visit: http://www.jhtechnologies.com/about-us/press-releases/microscopy-classroom-support-program.

About JH Technologies JH Technologies is a major national optics and microscopy dealer with 25 years of experience in optical and digital imaging for applications in semiconductor, solar cell, micro-technology, medical device, forensic, and educational markets. Recently, JH Technologies has expanded its reach to include the Pacific North West and New England markets. Additionally, more than half of JH Technologies’ business comes from the life science research market where they serve some of the largest research organizations, medical institutions, and biotech and pharmaceutical companies in the country. JH Technologies sales staff consists of engineers and scientists who are dedicated to providing the most appropriate solutions for their customer’s unique problems. The sales staff is supported by an outstanding group of factory trained applications experts and service engineers. Visit http://www.JHTechnologies.com to learn more about the solutions JH Technologies can provide.


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